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Suns get their first win without Steph, over a shorthanded Blazer team (Sheed sat with a hurt ankle, though he did a nice celebration at the end of the first quarter, jumping around like no other :rolleyes: ).

Amare had some insane plays, a couple nice steals and one where he stripped Dale Davis, picked the ball up and did a wrap-around behind the back dribble and started the break..

Haha, as Tom says "It's always an adventure when Amare starts the break..", Del ***** says he doesn't want to see a big man take more than two dribbles up the court and I'm inclined to agree with him. Amare makes a lot of mistakes trying to do too much in the open court, and his passes are still too lazy, but those are things that are easily improved on, he's really looking amazing these last two games.. he wasn't on Z-Bo the whole game, but Randolph had 7 turnovers, Amare had 6 steals, you do the math..

Great game from our big three (four incl. Leandro who played well), Marion was solid the whole game and played within the offense, and Joe took over with three clutch shots in the fourth, an 18 footer, a leaner, and a drive to the hole where Portland's defense didn't rotate after JJ blew by DA.. lots of good things about tonight's game. Portland is a good home team, so it was a quality win even if they were playing without 'Sheed.

Anyways.. nice to get the first win w/o Marbury. Good things are going to happen to this team, no doubt..
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