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Why are so many teams targeting the Cavs at No. 6 as a trade partner? One, the pick is for sale. But two, several teams are now convinced that the Knicks are secretly after Nene Hilario with their No. 7 pick. While Scott Layden has gone out of his way to publicly praise Chris Wilcox and Dajuan Wagner, the team has been tight lipped about Nene, despite bringing him in for two workouts.

Given the Knicks' history, that may be the best indication out there that they really like a guy. That's why teams like the Heat, Suns, Blazers, Magic and even the Mavs have been trying to slide ahead of New York. Nene's strength, wing span, shot blocking and rebounding abilities should allow him to play center -- the most coveted position in the NBA.

"There are no more guys who want to play center so they all filter into the [power forward] spot," Memphis director of player personnel Tony Barone told the Memphis Commercial Appeal. "There is some stigma with being a center. A typical power forward, the bruiser ... that's died."

The Miller and Big Dog rumors will probably put an end to talk of the Suns swapping the No. 9 for the Cavs No. 6 pick. The Suns were also seeking to pawn off Bo Outlaw and the 3 years, $17 million remaining on his contract as part of the deal. The Cavs weren't interested.

It looks like the Heat are the latest trade target for the Blazers. Portland is seeking to move into the lottery to get a shot at Amare Stoudemire, the Miami Herald reported. The Blazers are offering the Heat the same deal they offered the Clippers: their first-round pick (21st overall) and power forward Zach Randolph.

Orlando has also spoken to the Heat about exchanging picks, sources told the Herald. The Heat's interest would be piqued if forward Mike Miller is dangled? The Magic have been offering Miller to the Grizzlies and Nuggets in exchange for the No. 4 or No. 5, but might not be willing to part with Miller for a pick that low.

Meanwhile, the Heat are talking to the Raptors (No. 20), Pistons (No. 23) and Nets about picking up a second first-rounder.

Several league sources told Insider that the Hawks have several deals on the table to move up into the mid first round. GM Pete Babcock has coveted Dan Dickau and Jiri Welsh, among others, to play point guard for the team this season. The Hawks are talking to everyone from the Wizards at No. 11 all the way down to the Pistons at No. 23.

Babcock indicated Monday that they may no longer want the Pistons' pick, indicating that the Hawks may have to go higher to get the player they want.

"Any deal we would make --- and we're talking to a lot of teams --- would depend on whether there's a player we really want when the pick is up," Babcock told the Atlanta Constitution Journal. "We don't want a first-round pick for the sake of having one."

The Pacers were quick to dismiss talk that they'd consider trading the No. 14 and Austin Croshere to the Lakers for Robert Horry and the No. 27 if Qyntel Woods fell to them, but consider this.

The team has been bringing in quite a few prospects of late who are late first-rounders at best -- at least later than where it was picking at No. 14. Monday the team had in John Salmons and Roger Mason Jr. The Pacers have also brought in Mladen Sekularac, Darius Songaila, Ryan Humphrey and Freddie Jones of late.

"The draft hasn't arranged itself at the top," said David Morway, the Pacers' senior vice president of basketball administration, told the Indianapolis Star. "There's still a lot of indecision among teams. By this time you usually have a good feel for how the top 11 or 12 are going to go, but that's not the case. You also have a lot of teams talking of trading into the lottery and more teams than usual talking of trading out of the lottery."

Here's a surprise. After spending the last month denying an Insider report that the Sixers are looking to deal the No.16 pick to the Warriors, the Philadelphia Daily News reversed course today and is now "reporting" that the Sixers may be talking to the Warriors about trading their 16th pick.

"We're trying to decide," general manager Billy King told the Daily News. "The luxury tax is a big key to what we're doing. If we take a player, it means committing to 3 years [of guaranteed salary]. Do we want to do that or go get veteran free agents?"

The Sixers have made only a token attempt to bring in the top picks who will be there when they draft at No. 16. Multiple agents and league sources who have dealt with the Warriors for the past month have confirmed that the team will have a mid first-round pick.

Who will the Warriors take if they get No. 16? The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the Warriors' brass took a look at Jiri Welsch Sunday. The team has also taken a long look at Dan Dickau and Frank Williams.

- espn insider
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