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Here are some season-to-date stats pertaining to a few five-man units used by Coach Frank, courtesy of

Kidd-Carter-Jefferson-Collins-Krstic: Minutes: 151; +/-: +44; eFG: .527; eFGA: .445
Kidd-Carter-Jefferson-Robinson-Krstic: Minutes: 45; +/-: +15; eFG: .401; eFGA: .431
Kidd-Carter-Jefferson-Jackson-Krstic: Minutes: 23; +/-: +8; eFG: .511; eFGA: .512
Kidd-Carter-Jefferson-Robinson-Collins: Minutes: 13; +/-: +11; eFG: .524; eFGA: .212
Kidd-Carter-Jefferson-Robinson-Jackson: Minutes: 12; +/-: -11; eFG: .500; eFGA: .580
Kidd-Carter-Jefferson-Padgett-Krstic: Minutes: 15; +/-: -11; eFG: .400; eFGA: .596

eFG represents the effective field goal percentage, which is essentially filed goal percentage with a little extra weight given to 3-point attempts. eFGA is the effective field goal percentage against.

Ignoring for the moment whether the low minutes of some of these units produced statistically significant results, the comparison is enlightening. Basically, the team defense is good when Collins or Robinson are in the game; doubly good when they are both in the game. My goodness, the eFGA when Collins and Robinson are in the game is a ridiculous .212!! Team defense is bad whenever Mark Jackson or Padgett is in the game--over .500 in all cases.

As I've previously posted, the +/- of some of these combos are a little skewed due to the respective success at getting to the line and hitting free throws by Jackson and Collins. The combinations involving Collins should, by right, have a higher +/-, but he has been terrible so far from the line. In contrast, Jackson has been solid from the line and he gets there fairly regularly--that seems to be why the Jackson-Krstic combo is +8 despite having nearly identical eFG and eFGA.

Also, whenever Collins is in the game, the team as a whole has a very good eFG rate, even though Collins is the worst among the bunch offensively from an individual basis. This, I think, is the unmeasured positive impact that Collins has on the team offense.

For some reason, the offense grinds to a halt whenever Robinson and Krstic are in the game together.

What about McInnis?

There are four combinations that have played 12 or more minutes thus far this year, in which McInnis plays with Kidd and either Carter or Jefferson (or both):

Kidd-McInnis-Carter-Jefferson-Krstic: Minutes: 28; +/-: -7; eFG: .489; eFGA: .604
Kidd-McInnis-Jefferson-Robinson-Krstic: Minutes: 28; +/-: +0; eFG: .573; eFGA: .500
Kidd-McInnis-Carter-Jefferson-Collins: Minutes: 16; +/-: +3; eFG: .520; eFGA: .413
Kidd-McInnis-Jefferson-Robinson-Jackson: Minutes: 12; +/-: -11; eFG: .500; eFGA: .580

The only combination that seems to work is when Collins is on the court. Look at those eFGAs! Yoiks. It looks like Collins has to anchor the one-big lineup for it to work.
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