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Most Clutch?

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Who is the most clutch active player? My vote goes to Reggie.:yes:
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Unfortunately, I will say that it's Robert Horry without a doubt. What more can I say?

Also, I actually heard that his middle name IS clutch. :grinning:
Robert Horry is clutch. But he is also on a team with kobe and shaq. you dont really think of reggie as clutch because he hasnt won a championship. But, without hakeem, kobe, and shaq neither would have robert horry.

Could horry hit a forty foot turn around bank?:no:
Hey man on these boards System fans are few and far apart. Nice to see one here.:)
Originally posted by Malakian
Hey man on these boards System fans are few and far apart. Nice to see one here.:)
Ya just noticed? :D

Oh yeah and Shavo beats Daron any day of the week! :p
Horry by far
there's different aspects of clutch. there's the clutch of who do you want to run a play for to take the game winning 3? who would you want to take the open 3 to win the game?

but clutch is also who you'd want in on the floor in a tie game with 2 minutes left. who's going to make the plays down the stretch to help his team win the game?

clutch is who's hands do you want the ball in with a final possession and a chance to win?

horry and miller are good picks for situation 1. for situations 2 and 3, horry i think doesn't rank as high. miller probably still does, although less so in situation 2, imo, because his game isn't that well rounded where miller's going to make the big steal, get the big rebound, make the defensive stop, create the open shot.

however, there aren't too many other players out there with too much of a track record on making the big plays, especially in big games.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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