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1. Denver- Lebron James SG Akron HS
2. Cleveland- Carmelo Anthony SG/SF Syracuse
3. Detroit(from Memphis)- Kedrick Perkins C Ozen HS
4. Washington- Chris Duhon PG Duke
5. Golden St.- Kirk Hinrich PG Kansas
6. Atlanta- James White SF Florida
7. Chicago- Channing Frye PF/C Arizona
8. NY Knicks- Reece Gaines PG/SG Louisville
9. Utah- Ricky Paulding SG Missouri
10. Seattle- Luke Ridnour PG Oregon
11. New Orleans- Emeka Okafor PF Connecticut
12. Phoenix- Chris Marcus C Western Kentucky
13. Miami- T.J. Ford PG Texas
14. Boston- Jarvis Hayes SG Georgia
15. Milwaukee- David Harrison C Colorado
16. Memphis(from Houston)- Troy Bell PG Boston College
17. Minnesota- Nick Collison PF Kansas
18. L.A. Clippers- Darius Rice SF Miami Fla.
19. Toronto- Luke Walton SF Arizona
20. Sacramento(from Detroit)- Dwayne Wade SG Marquette
21. Philadelphia- David West PF Xavier
22. Orlando- Mario Austin PF Mississippi St.
23. Indiana- Pape Sow PF Cal State Fullerton
24. Portland- Zoran Planinic PG Croatia
25. Dallas- Carlos Delfino SG/SF Argentina
26. New Jersey- Marcus Hatten PG St. Johns
27. San Antonio- Ronald Blackshear SG Marshall
28. L.A. Lakers- Doug Wrenn SF Washington
29. Orlando(from Sacramento)- Sani Becirovic PG/SG Slovenia

Second Round
1. Denver- Erwin Dudley PF Alabama
2. Cleveland- Boris Diaw SF France
3. Memphis- Derrick Zimmerman PG Mississippi St.
4. Washington- Jason Gardner PG Arizona
5. Golden St.- Theron Smith SF Ball St.
6. Atlanta- Brett Nelson PG Florida
7. Chicago- Josh Howard SF Wake Forest
8. NY Knicks- Wesley Wilson C Georgetown
9. Utah- Brian Cook PF Illinois
10. Seattle- Dahntay Jones SG Duke
11. New Orleans- Brandin Knight PG Pittsburgh
12. Phoenix- Steve Blake PG Maryland
13. Miami- Earl Barron C Memphis
14. Boston- Ebi Ere SG Oklahoma
15. Milwaukee- Matt Bonner PF Florida
16. Houston- Keith Bogans SG Kentucky
17. Minnesota- Chris Massie PF Memphis
18. L.A. Clippers- Raitis Grafs C Valparaiso
19. Toronto- LaVell Blanchard SG/SF Michigan
20. Detroit- Ronald Dupree SG LSU
21. Philadelphia- Jason Kapono SF UCLA
22. Orlando- Dalron Johnson SF/PF UNLV
23. Indiana- Britton Johnson SF Utah
24. Portland- Moustapha Diagne C New Mexico
25. Dallas- Darrell Tucker SF San Francisco
26. New Jersey- Bernard King SG Texas A&M
27. San Antonio- Tahj Holden PF Maryland
28. L.A. Lakers- Adam Harrington SG Auburn
29. Sacramento- Henry Domercant SG Eastern Illinois

of course this is just my opinion, which will definitly change throughout the course of the college basketball season. I'm sure that by the end of the season some players may not be ranked this high (Pape Sow) or that Low (Brandin Knight). Tell me what u think.

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I'm not sure how much foreign exposure you have but the following players are all projected first rounders:
Christos Topoutos, 12-27
Carlos Delfino, 8-19
Zoran Planinic, 8-22
Zaur Pachulia, 11-26
Edu Hernandez, 11-19
Sani Becirovic, 15-29
Anderson Varejao, 10-19
Mickael Pietrus, 16-28
Chrisjan Drejer, 15-28
Pape Sow, 15-25
Kresmir Loncar, 11-22
Kosta Perovic, 7-15
Boris Diaw-Riffiod, 10-28
on this list Perovic,Pietrus,Drejer,Hernandez,Pachulia may not declare but they are all likely with Perovic the only one with odds lower than 75% to declare.

also Florent Pietrus is a fringe pick, as is Ratis Grafs and Yotam Halpurn (although Halpurn was born in 1984 and could wait a couple more years).

also Troy Bell is a 6-0 (more like 5-10) scoring guard as is Jason Gardner and Gardner should be picked higher although neither has a realistic 1st round shot. Mario Austin is a 6-8 285 lb center a lot like Traylor Tractor and he too wont be a 1st rounder. and as much as I like David West it's hard to tell if he even will make the 1st round although I think he could go as high at 16 if the teams fall in the right order. Frye wont declare, and neither will Okafor, Okafor because his parents are professors and want him to graduate and Frye because Lute Olson has a tight grip on his balls. Anthony is a little high for a slow undersized 3 but it's possible if he lead Syracuse to the Sweet-16. Collison,Rice, and Walton wont go that high although they should be in the 1st round and Walton is almost a guaranteed Laker. Hatten, Blackshear and Wrenn have little or no chance at going in the 1st. Jarvis Hayes is too low he will be gone by 12 for sure. Harrison is a bit high but he is 7' so you never know. Taj Holden wont declare and would be a early 2nd or late 1st if he did. Brian Cook is a late 1st also. and I discussed the foreign players above.

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If the draft fell that way I would hope the Lakers would draft Boris Diaw or Brian Cook.
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