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Here are some things I got a feeling are gonna happen this upcoming season:

A major superstar will go down with a serious injury, ending one of the NBAs leading contenders title hopes (Dirk, Shaq, Duncan, Kidd?)

Amare Stoudemire will become the NBAs next big thing after having the best rookie season ever for a straight-outta-high schooler.

Mike Dunleavy and Jay Williams will both be busts. Soon people will stop comparing MD Jr. to Bird and start comparing him to Danny Ferry and Jay Williams will be compared to another PG/SG bust, Chauncy Billups.

Andre Miller wont be as good as advertised and the Clippers will once again not make the playoffs.

Yao Ming will run away with Rookie of the Year and may just become the NBAs #2 center in only his rookie year.

Karl Malone, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, and Hakeem Olijuwon and ofcourse Mike will all retire at the end of the year making the 2008 (or whatever) HOF the greatest induction ever, in any sport.

A somewhat surprising team will emerge from the East and give the KINGS a run for their money in the Finals

Chcik Hearn will not call any Lakers games.

Allen Iverson will come back with a vengence leading the 76ERS into the playoffs and leading the NBA in scoring AGAIN, yet because of his pretty crappy team, the Sixers will be eliminated in the 1st round.
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