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My trade proposal ...

Bulls trade Hinrich, Davis, ERob, Fizer, and Chandler to the Suns for ...

Amare, Googs, McDyess, Lampe, and Barbosa.


Due to Chicago and Phoenix being over the cap, the 15% trade rule is invoked. Chicago and Phoenix had to be no more than 115% plus $100,000 of the salary given out for the trade to be accepted, which did happen here. This trade satisfies the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Chicago - Change in Team Outlook: -13.9 ppg, -11.1 rpg, and -6.3 apg

Phoenix - Change in team outlook: +13.9 ppg, +11.1 rpg, and +6.3 apg.

Why does Phoenix do this?

1. They get a cerebral young defensive-minded PG to lead their team.

2. The pick up a veteran big man who can play PF or C (in Davis)

3. They exchange Chandler for Amare, and potentially get a Kevin Garnett in the making.

4. They pick a solid scoring presence on the block and decent rebounder (still with some trade value)

5. They dump two players (McDyess and Googs) who they will not re-sign anyway.

6. They acquire another high-flying SF to complement Marion (in ERob).

Why do the Bulls do this?

1. By dumping Davis and ERob, the Bulls get back serious cap space to make a move for Kobe or McGrady. Either or which could play SG and allow Crawford to move back to his natural position, PG.

2. They also get a monster defender, rebounder, and scorer in the paint (in Amare) to complement Eddy and JYD.

3. They also pick up a unknown up-and-coming player in Barbosa to play back-up PG.

4. Lastly they get a 6'11 Euro-stud who can shoot from the perimeter (ala Dirk Nowitski).

In the end, the Bulls look like this

PG - Crawford/Barbosa
SG - Kobe/McGrady (pick your poison)
SF - Gill/Pippen/Lampe
PF - Amare/JYD
C - Curry/Blount

I realize that the Suns would never go for this trade as they are looking to free up cap space themselves to make a run at McGrady and Kobe. That, and there's no way they're trading Amare.

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Originally posted by <b>CiMa</b>!
The Suns are going to be about 10 mil under the cap (maybe even more) when the season is over, so I think they're done trading for now.
Outside of dealing White for someone with an expiring deal, I'd agree.
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