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Ok, it's time a moderator put a stop to this. TheNotSoGoods is single-handedly killing this message board with his unrealistic, video game threads. And if the content of his threads aren't reason to warrant a warning, how about the fact that he has started the same thread 15 different times. The following are threads visible on the first page of this forum...

My Clippers Dream
"What if" trades:
What I'd love to see the Clippers do:
Who do you keep?
Thoughts for the "new" Clipps
Player breakdown:
Now that Dre's a Clipp here are some thoughts:
My favorite scenario, post yours:
3 scenarios for the rumored trade:
What the Clipps should do:
Are the Clipps doing this?:
Could the Clipps pull this off?:

Those are just the topics on the FIRST page of this forum. Looking at the 2nd page you will find subjects created by him with identical titles. It's about time a moderator put a stop this all the noise. There is no need to have 10 threads on the first page that cover the SAME thing by the SAME poster. The content of his posts are bad enough, we don't need to see them posted 10x each.

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