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My Draft Predictions......

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1. Hou - Ming
2. Chi - Jay
3. GSW - Wagner
4. Mem - Dunleavy
5. Den - Wilcox
6. Cle - Borchardt
7. NYK - Butler
8. LAC - Gooden
9. Pho - Stoudemire
10.Mia - Woods
11.Was - Tskitishvili
12.LAC - Rush
13.Mil - Hilario

I know most of u WONT see it my way,but what do u think?:confused:
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Same here. Knicks fan living in NJ. I don't care though cause the Nets are getting slapped around in the Finals. I seriously think the Lakers give the Nets those small moves just to mock them and see how long it'll take before they regain the lead again. :laugh:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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