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Lawson/Miller/Green (possibly D-League)
Gallo (when he returns)/Chandler/Hamilton
Javale/Hickson (man up and play C)/Mozzy

I don't hate that. It's not going to bring them anywhere but it's at least a team I can sit down and enjoy. And if for some reason their chemistry is amazing, maybe they make a run.

- Gallo is coming back earlier than expected and that's certainly a plus.

- Gonna miss Corey Brewer. He wasn't amazing or anything but he could bring them back into a game as a spark off the bench.

- Arthur is a nice pick up but I was really hoping for Randolph to get some time. Front court seems crowded as **** at the moment. The only plus is that we can possibly find two guys that feed off each other well.

- Hickson needs to just play center, imo. Too many PFs as it is and he's the one with experience at center.

- Dunno what their cap space is looking like at the moment but a SG that can go over Foye/Fournier would be nice.

- My projection: Best case scenario is 6th seed, worst case is 10th place or so.

- I fear that they become one of those teams that gets stuck in the middle of the league for a little too long.

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Brewer seemed to kill the Lakers while he was a Nugget. Glad we won't have to deal with him anymore while playing Denver.

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Starting Chandler along with Gallo makes that line-up a little more formidable. If they decide to go with this starting line-up...


They will be big, long, and fast... even moreso than last year's iteration. That being said, the loss of Iggy is going to hurt them quite a bit.
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