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1. Sign Olowokandi, Brand, Odom, to 7 year 60 million dollar contracts each (maybe Odom gets 70)
2. Trade Corey Maggette to Washington for 2003 1st, Etan Thomas
3. Trade Thomas to Orlando for the 1st owed to them, 2003 1st via Sacramento, and a filler like Jerryl Sasser
4. sign Smush Parker or Wil Avery
5. Trade Chris Wilcox, 2003 2nd to Golden State for 2004 1st pick and Danny Fortson
6. Trade Fortson, 2004 2nd to Cleveland for DeSgana Diop and Jeff Trepagnier.
7. In the 2003 Draft trade Miles,Q,Washington's pick, and Ely(if necessary, and if EXTREMELY necessary overwhelm the other team and add in Olowokandi for a future pick and a cap equivalent for as few years as possible) for Lebron James and a filler, unless Washington's pick is #1 (at which time trade Darius,Q for future picks). Use the team's own pick to get the best European bigman (maybe even Pachulia if he declares), and use Sacramento's pick for Mickael Pietrus or any huge prospect who drops.
8. In the 2004 NBA Draft, trade the G.S. 1st and the teams own 1st for a pick high enough to get Sophocles Schortsianitis (should be top 8).

that gives the Clipps a probable team of:
PG Jaric Dooling Parker or Avery Sasser (or Orlando filler)
SG James Trepagnier Piatkowski who can be replaced
SF Odom Pietrus
PF Brand Euro bigman (maybe Pachulia)
C Diop Schortsianitis filler (from James trade)

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what happened to Lebron in your lineup?

i haven't thought about it as detailed as u but i would just like Odom, Maggette, and Kandi to leave, let Marco and Dooling play before trying to acquire Miller or Davis

i've seen Smush a few times and he looked good, great confidence, good shot, nice handles and ran the team decently. He looked like he had a good future so if Dooling or jaric doesn't work out, he would be a great backup plan.

i don't agree with u on much with the clips but u do some crazy research and put in a lot of thinking into the trades, especially long term. but i am sure we both want the clips to win.

how far do u think next year's lineup (with ur senarios) could go in the playoffs, meaning could they beat (sac, mavs, spurs?) i think if Miles and Q start all year, then they go 7 games in the 2nd round and outcome depending on who they get in the trades, unless they play lakers...

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Hey Goods, you seem like a good guy and a great Clips fan, but you need to find something to occupy your time with. You spent too much time on these trades. Your trade will never happen. You keep making trades with lots of players and teams and scenarios. They are too complicated and those types of trades are only done in the minds of the fans and never in reality.....

The trade as I now hear it, is simple. Miles and Jameson for Dre and Stith. If that happens, and there are no other teams involved, then Maggette will back up Odom, and Piatkowski will back up Q. I only hope we then trade Miller for Baron Davis.

I would rather see the other trade that was mentioned last week of Odom and Dooling for Baron Davis. Davis is the perfect fit for the Clips as they have his leadership and his outside shot. I actually like Odom much more than Miles, for miles is a terrible shooter and ODom's skills with the ball give us more options in the style we can play. However, he has never shown that he is a quality human being, and thus we run the risk of recurring drug situations, etc. It is best to keep the quality person, and that means Miles over Odom. But, it seems that BD is staying in NO and that means this will not happen.

But, in agreement with RD, I would be very happy if we kept everyone and gave Jaric and Dooling a chance to prove themselves. Of course, if we decide to make no trades, what would the rest of us talk about?????????????????????
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