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Since GM drafts are popping up all over the site, I decided that I'm going to do my own, but I'm not looking for participants. Simply, this is me being the GM of all 30 teams and drafting for each of them. Initially, I won't do any trades, but I may at a later date.

All members of the 2005 draft and potential free agents from other leagues are eligible for the draft.

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The Teams in draft order. No offense is intended by the countries listed or not included.

1) Rome, Italy
2) Amsterdam, Netherlands
3) Dublin, Ireland
4) Accra, Ghana
5) Cario, Egypt
6) Bern, Switzerland
7) Ankara, Turkey
8) Brasilia, Brazil
9) Hanoi, Vietnam
10) Budapest, Hungary
11) Mexico City, Mexico
12) Bangkok, Thailand
13) Nairobi, Kenya
14) Reykjavik, Iceland
15) Santiago, Chile
16) Yaounde, Cameroon
17) Kingston, Jamaica
18) Buenos Aires, Argentina
19) Zagreb, Croatia
20) Warsaw, Poland
21) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
22) Copenhagen, Denmark
23) Rabat, Morocco
24) Wellington, New Zealand
25) Amman, Jordan
26) Minsk, Belarus
27) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
28) Athens, Greece
29) Tokyo, Japan
30) Kiev, Ukraine

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First Round - picks 1-4 with commentary

Rome, Italy - LeBron James
"We are excited to start our franchise with LeBron as he provides the chance to win now and get better in the future."

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Tim Duncan
"We expect to compete for a championship the is season with the most dominate big man in the world."

Now things get interesting. The first 2 picks were expected, but now the question is how to build the team. Shaq is a dominate, but aging big man, while KG, Kobe and TMac all provide younger, but established stars to build with. On the other hand, Amare is a young big man on his way to becoming dominating.

Dublin, Ireland - Amare Stoudemire
"He is a very exciting, young big man that will only get better."

Accra, Ghana - Kevin Garnett
"He is a multifaceted big man that does everything and plays hard on both ends of the court."

Not that surprising that size won out in the last two picks. However, Accra will need to draft very well to make sure KG is surrounded by players that will put him in a position to succeed. KG has shown that he can't do it alone.

Dublin is in a similar situation if they want to win now. Amare will need a top notch point guard to help make his life easy.

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First Round - picks 5-8

Cario, Egypt - Shaquille O'Neal
"Our goal is to compete for a championship right away and we believe no other player gives us as good of a chance as Shaq does."

Bern, Switzerland - Kobe Bryant
"Kobe can do it all from the wing and we are very happy to have him as the foundation for our team."

The two former teammates are once again next to each other as they are taken in consecutive picks. Cario's draft will be interesting to watch as they are proclaiming themselves as the front runner for the championship.

Bern is getting a player that should have a renewed focus on basketball as he no longer has to worry about non-basketball issues taking so much of his time.

Ankara, Turkey - Tracy McGrady
"We were very surprised when he fell to us and very excited to have the best wing player in the world on our team."

Brasilia, Brazil - Dirk Nowitzki
"We plan to play an exciting brand of basketball and Dirk will be the perfect cornerstone for our franchise."

Two wing players were taken and then another big was picked. So far, 3 of the players picked have been tall wing players and the other 5 are Power Forwards & Centers. I'm anticipating a few shorter players will be taken soon, but there are still some big named big men that should go quickly.

Perhaps it is too early to speculate, but I can't help but wonder what Green Room invitee will be the last player picked. After a few more picks, I will list the players invited to the decadent Green Room

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First Round - Picks 9-12

Hanoi, Vietnam - Dwyane Wade
"Dwyane is already an outstanding player and he has demonstrated an ability to play at a higher level in the playoffs."

Budapest, Hungary - Allen Iverson
"He is a warrior and a winner. We are excited to build our team around such a competative player"

It appears that there we have a run on PG/SG types. It will be very interesting to see how Hanoi and Budapest build their teams and if Wade and AI will play the PG or the SG position.

Mexico City, Mexico - Dwight Howard
"Dwight is still growing physically and as a player, but we believe he will become one of the most dominate big men in the game"

Bangkok, Thailand - Andrei Kirilenko
"He is such a versatile player and we believe he is the perfect player to build a team around"

Well, so much for drafting shorter players and say hello to the risk takers. Dwight is a very interesting choice when there are more established big men on the board that are still young. Bangkok appears to be passing on some better players by taking AK-47, however, he looked like an MVP candidate prior to his injury last season.

12 picks have gone by and there are still plenty of players left in the Green Room.

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First Round - picks 13-16

Nairobi, Kenya - Jermaine O'Neal
"We believe you win with your big men, and we were very surprised that Jermaine fell to us."

Reykjavik, Iceland - Ray Allen
"Ray is a leader and tremendous offensive weapon. We know that our fans will enjoy the shooting displays that he can put on."

Nairobi and Reykjavik both go after offensive players. I know that Jermaine is ranked around this position, however, he relies too much on his fade away for a 6 foot 11 inch Power Forward.

Santiago, Chile - Steve Nash
"Steve is coming off of an MVP season and he will be able to make anyone else we draft better."

Yaounde, Cameroon - Yao Ming
"We are very excited to draft a player that is already one of the best at his position and that is still getting better."

An interesting pair of picks as Santiago decides to build around a PG and the reigning MVP, while Yaounde goes very big and takes the still developing Yao.

16 picks have gone by and still in the Green Room are Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Elton Brand, Stephon Marbury, Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony.
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