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Originally posted by jvanbusk
Here's my third edition boys and girls:

1. Houston Rockets: Yao Ming, C, China (=)

2. Chicago Bulls: Jay Williams, PG, Duke (=)

3. Golden St. Warriors: Mike Dunleavy, SF, Duke (=)

4. Memphis Grizzlies: Drew Gooden, PF, Kansas (=)

5. Denver Nuggets: Chris Wilcox, PF, Maryland (+1)

6. Cleveland Cavs: Nicoloz Tskitishvili, PF, Benetton Treviso (+2)

7. New York Knicks: Dajuan Wagner, PG/SG, Memphis (=)

8. LA Clippers: Maybyner 'Nene' Hilario, PF, Vasco de Gama (+1)

9. Phoenix Suns: Amare Stoudemire, PF, Cypress Creek H.S. (+3)

10. Miami Heat: Caron Butler, SF, Connecticut (-5)

11. Washington Wizards: Bostjan Nachbar, SF, Benneton Treviso (+2)

12. LA Clippers: Curtis Borchardt, C, Stanford (-1)

13. Milwaukee Bucks: Jared Jeffries, SF, Indiana (-3)

14. Indiana Pacers: Kareem Rush, SG, Missouri (=)

15. Houston Rockets: Qyntel Woods, SF, Northeast CC (=)

16. Philadelphia 76ers: Marcus Haislip, PF, Tennessee (+2)

17. Charlotte Hornets: Mladen Sekularac, SG, KK FMP Zeleznik (+2)

18. Orlando Magic: Frank Williams, PG, Illinois (+5)

19. Utah Jazz: Melvin Ely, PF, Fresno St. (-3)

20. Toronto Raptors: Jiri Welsch, PG/SG, Olimpija Ljubljana (-3)

21. Portland Trailblazers: Nenad Krstic, C, Partizan Belgrade (+5)

22. Phoenix Suns: Roger Mason Jr., PG/SG, Virginia (=)

23. Detroit Pistons: Dan Dickau, PG, Gonzaga (-3)

24. New Jersey Nets: Rod Grizzard, SG/SF, Alabama (+1)

25. Denver Nuggets: Steve Logan, PG, Cincinatti (N/A)

26. San Antonio Spurs: Tayshaun Prince, SF, Kentucky (N/A)

27. LA Lakers: Juan Dixon, SG, Maryland (=)

28. Sacramento Kings: Dan Gadzuric, C, UCLA (N/A)

<u>Dropping out of the first round:</u>
Chris Jeffries
Freddie Jones
Jamal Sampson
I am a big Jazz fan and Jazz management is desperate to draft a shooting guard in this year's draft. According to the mock draft, Jiri Welsch is predicted to go 20th. If Jiri Welsch is available to the Jazz when the 19th pick comes up, the Jazz will take him in a heartbeat.

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Re: Re: Re: My Mock Draft: 3rd Edition

Originally posted by HORNETSFAN

He won't be. If he is there at #17 (and Rush is off the board), he will become a New Orleans Hornet.
You are absolutely right. I know that New Orleans really likes Jiri Welsch and would take him if he is available at #17. I know it is wishful thinking to think that Jiri Welsch will be available when it's the Jazz's turn to pick (at #19). That's why I hope the Jazz will make a trade (maybe Philadelphia at #16) and try to get Jiri Welsch, but the Jazz have never traded up in the draft before and knowing Jazz management and Larry Miller, we will stick with the 19th pick and once again, the Jazz will be weak at the Shooting Guard position and the Jazz will be exposed to their lack of outside shooting.
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