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did they not realize who they were dealing with?
Thank you! I mean seriously!! I said "Hey Ingram, can I get a selfie with you?",his posse said no so I replied "Dont you know Im DaRizzle and need to post this selfie to the internet to impress random people I have never met?!?"...the man stared at me blankly while slowly reaching for a taser for some reason...

My wife, who Jamel took to that Bieber concert that one time, texted me an instagram pic showing some Lakers at the Rams game. She challenged me to get a picture with them. I figured out where they were in the stadium based on background of the picture...and the fact that Im a psycho stalker....I spotted Ingram while leaving

P.S. Random note: Thanks King Sancho Fantastic for becoming facebook friends with me and providing all your personal details...nothing to worry about
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