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The first game of the season, which we been waiting for six month, was not about winning a loosing. That game supposed to be the statement of a new era for the Bulls fans.

After all this BS about:

“no more excuses”,
“finally we got all pieces”,
“we have best center”,
“one of the best PG”,
“one of the best leaders in the game”,
“untouchable future stars”,
“one of the best defensive coaches”,
“one of the best bench in the game”
and so on…..

We all been waiting for the sign of RESPECT from the team that we been loyal for so many “ugly years” of rebuilding. And we saw nothing, “zero” from them. And this not because they didn’t try, no.

The real reason was, because they are not capable to do that, even against the “Wizards”, regardless how much it was important for all of us.

And that not just hurts, it is mean very soon we need to start rebuiding all over again !!! The sooner is better !!!
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