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Well, it seems boston still has not found their grove after the Ricky Davis trade.

Here is my idea(This is assuming the blazers feew the need to rebuild)

Blazers Trade

Celtics Trade
-2004 Boston 1st round pick
-2004 Dallas 1st round pick

Why Celtics Do It
The celtics get a interior defender and a great second option. Sheed would be great alongside Pierce and Rickey. He is also a huge expiring contract to help get them under the cap if they decide to cut costs.


Why Portland Does It
Portland gets what they want. Cap room, young players and draft picks. Mills and Stewart have an expiring contract and a one year contract respectivley. Mihm is a very underrated big man, with a great kncak for grabbing boards(6 per game in 17 minutes a game). Banks is going to be a premier point guard in a few years. He is struggling in his forst year, but this year is reminisant of Baron Davis's first year. We also get a possible top 15 pick and a low 1st rounder. Leaving us with 3 top 15 1st rounders and a low one.


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OK, as promised, I'm using my criteria (found here ) to evaluate any trades involving Rasheed.

This trade does not return a superstar to Portland.

It does, however, return 2 draft picks and has the potential to upgrade the PG position. I've never seen Banks play, but I remember a lot of good comments on draft day. And, like you said, it sometimes takes a couple of years for young PG's to develop (eg, Baron Davis, Chauncey Billups and Steve Nash). So, depending how the Blazers feel about Banks' chances of improving, this trade could indeed fit my criteria.

I've never been big on Mihm. But he could be a serviceable backup or could simply be let go at the end of the year.

It's a pretty good proposal - better than a lot of others I've seen. As I said, it depends on scouting reports on Banks (and to a lesser extent on Mihm).
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