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Hey wassup i am a knicks fan i would i like to start off by saying this trade will reallly help both teams no lie it would more help the knicks

My starting five knicks

my starting five

PG-Jamaal tinsley
SG-allan houston
SF-Reggie miller
PF-Drew Gooden
C-Tim Duncan

I think they should trade spreewell and camby should be trade for reggie and tinsley the knicks really need a young and athletic point guard and with houston and miller they have the two most devastating shooters in the league. Then they draft gooden and sign duncan he is a power forward but he was so devastating because he played poward forward at 7 ft he will still be so devastating at the center because the leagues average height for center in the east is 6 10 i think the knicks will be a very good team very athletic and young and win the east houston and miller will have a whole bunch of wide open shots with the post of gooden and duncan and gooden can shoot it from outside

send me your thoughs
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