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Sixers: Mutumbo for Kieth Van Horn and Todd MacCollugh

A good move by the sixers. They needed a change, and they got one. Van Horn should provide the beyond-the-arc help they badly needed, and MacCollugh should make a decent replacement for Mutumbo. As for the Nets, the addition of Mutumbo could definitly make an improvement. A front court of Kenyon Martin and Mutumbo is just scary, especially with the best PG in the league. Richard Jefferson and Lucious Harrious will add some aggresion to the floor as well without softie Van Horn clogging things up.

Best new roster award (so far):


PG: Andre Miller, one of the best passers in the league, will thrive on a team with so much talent.
SG: Quentin Richardson, and excellent shooter with great athletisism and work ethic, one of the rising stars in the league.
SF: Lamar Odom, Great rebounder and shooter. Not a super flashy player, but should be able to provide a solid player to the roster
PF: Elton Brand, a monster, excellent rebounder, aggresive post player, tenacious defender, and a flat out scoring machine, Elton Brand will continue to improve.
C: Michael Owalakandi, a force in the paint, Owalakandi will complete the young and talented roster. With Elton Brand helping out in the front court, the west could be looking at a new dynasty.

Best returning roster award:

Lakers, i'm not going to even start

A few unorganized opinions, comments, and thoughts:


thats all i can think of
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