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the whole nets team

Questions that the nets management has to answer in 2002 offeason

What to do with Kieth Van Horn?
The idea of trading him to th Utah Jazz for the overpaid 40 yr future hall of famer Karl Malone. The idea about getting Malone is just as stupid as kepping KVH. I wished that somehow we couldve did something to try to trade him for a Wilcox but i guess the nets just ike him that much.

How to find time for Jason Collins and Richard Jefferson?
I say keep the time that Collins play the same. With him and McCulloch splitting minutes and having Aaron Williams come in as the backup pf and help out if the two centers are in foul trouble or injured. As for Jefferson I would let Kittles start at 2 and unless he has a terrible year or Jefferson continues to blossom keep jefferson as the six man.

You don't really know with this Brandon Armstrong character. At first everyone was expecting this guy to do big things but then all the hype was washed away with him not getting any minutes. I hope that if he needs some developmen on his game the nets let him take his time.
Another thing is that the Nets dont want to fall into the same boat as the Knicks. I dont think that will happen especially wit the draft picks they made this year and at last. I urge the Nets management to sign Kidd as fast as they can .
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