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1st I'm starting off with the point guards

1. Jason Kidd
2. Gary Payton
3. Baron Davis
4. Steve Francis
5. Andre Miller
6. Mike Bibby
7. Stephon Marbury
8. Steve Nash
9. Jay Williams
10.Terrell Brandon

Shooting Guards

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Allen Iverson
3. Tracy Mcgrady
4. Vince Carter
5. Ray Allen
6. Michael Finley
7. Latrell Sprewell
8. Cuttino Mobley
9. Eddie Jones
10.Jerry Stackhouse

Small Fowards

1. Paul Pierce
2. Michael Jordan
3. Jalen Rose
4. Pau Gasol (He's gonna be one of the best ever)
5. Shawn Marion
6. Pedrag Stojakovic
7. Rashard Lewis
8. Lamar Odom
9. Caron Butler
10.Shane Battier

Power Fowards

1. Tim Duncan
2. Kevin Garnett
3. Dirk Nowitski
4. Chris Webber
5. Rasheed Wallace
6. Jermaine O'neal
7. Antonio Mcdyess - If Healthy
8. Elton Brand
9. Ben Wallace
10.Karl Malone
10.Marcus Camby


1. Shaquille O'neal (of course)
2. Dikembe Mutombo
3. Alonzo Mourning
4. Vlade Divac
5. Keon Clark
6. Theo Ratliff
7. Elden Campbell
8. Yao Ming
9. Brad Miller
10.Eddy Curry (yep I say he's top 10 next yr

Top 10 players in the entire league

1. Shaquille O'neal
2. Tim Duncan
3. Kobe Bryant
4. Kevin Garnett
5. Dirk Nowitski
6. Jason Kidd
7. Tracy Mcgrady (for the fact he can play the 3 puts him higher than Iverson on this particular list.)
8. Paul Pierce
9. Gary Payton
10.Allen Iverson
10.Chris Webber

Note: Some players such as Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitski, and Pau Gasol all play different positions, and it's hard to rate them at a certain position...I believe Gasol is a top 10 Power Foward as well as SF..same with KG and Dirk, they're both top 2 small fowards

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KC..why Tmac at number 1 for shooting guard? Good argument on who's the better player, but at shooting guard slot, I say it's Kobe..Small Foward, Tmac may have the edge...but for the fact that Kobe gets down n dirty on the defensive end and hits big shots gives him the edge....What are your reasons on why Tmac should be the #1 shooting guard?

Oh yeah, I forgot all about Marbury man..preciate it
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