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You probably believe Kobe is over-rated because he plays with Shaq.

Of course TMac has done nothing to justify consideration over Kobe and his 3 titles, but as you said it is your opinion, and we have to judge your opinion by what you write on here and gauge its worth accordingly, for better or worse.

Now if you care to provide an analysis of why TMac is better feel free. I will respond.

I believe you may start with what Jordan did his first few years with the Bulls and try to make a parallel. I will contend Jordan was not that great those first few years and it took him a while to become the player he eventually did become. TMac may be a "highlight" guy like MJ his first few years, though not nearly as many highlights, but he has not shown he can take anything but his mouth to the next level with useless guarantees.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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