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My Two Cents or Vote for THE Blockbuster Trade of the last 10 years

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Offseason-time, and everybody's talking, creating rumors. And there are always the big names going around, like Iverson, Garnett, Miller, Spreewell, Stackhouse, Robinson, Payton a.s.o. All of them All-Stars, some even Franchise-players. Very, very exciting time, this offseason.
But you know what?
It's all just a big hype, and it's not gonna happen. You have to adjust at the fact, that the biggest things already have been made. I'm talking about the McDyess-Trade, which was, I have to admit, a big thing, that I hadn't expected. But that's it. There won't be much more big trades. Because in the NBA 3K, you just have one way to acquire a Franchise-player, you'll have to draft him. The other little chance is to get him via FA, but don't count on that, the chance is very small, because through the Salary Cap, most good players have to sign with their old team, which is a good thing.
So there haven't been that much Blockbuster Trades in the last 10 years, so it should be easy to name THE Blockbuster Trade:
My nominies are:
01: J.Kidd for S.Marbury
02: C.Barkley for S.Cassell and R.Horry
03: D.Mutombo for T.Ratliff and T.Kukoc
04: C.Webber for M.Richmond
05: J.Kidd for S.Cassell and M.Finley
06: A.McDyess for M.Camby and #7
07: C.Drexler for O.Thorpe
08: G.Rice for E.Jones and E.Campbell

any other ideas?
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Everybody is KNOCKING the Marbary-Kidd trade, however i have a very different outlook at it.

First of all Jason kidd is going to be 29 and marbury is only 26!

Sure this year things turned around for the Nets however Jason kidd only will have 5 maybe 6 more years in him while Marbury is playing on a yhoung team that will dominate in 4 or 5 years. This trade was not meant to help the Suns right way, so EVERYONE automatically thinks it was a huge lop-sided trade, but i think it is way to early to tell!!!!

Jason Kidd is at the end of his Prime years, and from what i am hearing, Net fans you better keep an eye out for Jayson Kidd because I hear he may leave and woouldn't that SUCK for the nets!!!

Then who would get the raw part of that deal!!! these are all things you need to consider when thinking about the trade and i think in the long run the PHOENIX SUNS GOT THE BETTER HALF!!!!
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Originally posted by G.O.A.T
One of the biggest trades noones mentioned was the ALonzo Mourning-Glen Rice trade, which was probaly bigger than the Kidd-Marbury trade. Zo was the start of a new Miami team and he helped them become one of the easts best teams the next 5 years.
I'm gonna agree with that one...they trade Glen Rice for Zo...when are people gonna understand you never trade size for a shooter...the team that gets the size always wins name 1 big trade where an allstar big man was traded for an allstar guard of small forward and the team that got the shooter got the better end of the deal?
trade when G.S. traded Penny for CWebb that was huge then!!
yeah, right. Orlando got the better end in this trade, because G.S. lost Webber after one season to Washington (for Gugliotta, right? Nice management...), while Penny lead the Magic to the finals '95.
Yo I was just saying it was a big trade I don't give a crap who got the better the better end of it, the thread is called VOTE FOR THE BLOCKBUSTER TRADE OF THE PAST TEN YEARS(not and who got the better end of it)
I know, I wrote the thread!
But it was ;) who asked for a blockbuster-trade between a guard for a big man, with the team getting the better end that is receiving the guard.
And this trade was this exception. I don't know another one!
and yes: Webber for Hardaway was a blockbuster-trade, but to see it clearly, it was just #1 for #3 and cash.
Only time will tell

How about Dre for Miles. It could go either way. Dre could bring the clips to the promiseland as the last piece to their puzzle, but at the same time Miles could have a breakout all star season now that hes the go to guy on the cavs. Only time will tell with this one.
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