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The upcoming 2002-2003 basketball season is the first time since the break-up of the 90's Bulls Dynasty that the team has a foundation set for the future. The past 4 years have been known as a "rebuilding period", well right now the bulls boast some young talent in Williams, Chandler, Curry, and Hassell, and a couple vets in Rose and Marshall which are the foundation to the forseable future of the Chicago Bulls. Now it's time to build on this foundation with structure and experience.

This season is sure to be a Rocky one. If the bulls play to 100% what they are capable right now we may very well see them in the playoffs this season. But how often does a team this young play up to their maximum capabilities? not too often. If the Bulls dont make the playoffs this season Im sure many fans will be kicking themselves as they look back on several moments in the season where there was that one mistake that gave the game away. This team is young and they are bound to make rookie mistakes. These are overcome with experience from these mistakes.

The bulls are hoping that rookie Jay Williams can live up to the hype coming out of college and be the great NBA point guard that so many expect him to be. He has all the tools necassary to be the man to lead this team. He was the NCAA Player of the Year last year but even with that we can expect many mistakes this season as he adjusts to the pro game where he is playing former NCAA all americans on a nightly basis.

Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry showed flashes of what we can expect for the future last season but they are still undergoing growing paines. The best thing for them is to be in the starting line-up and getting all of the experience possible so they can be at the next level sooner rather than later. Curry has shown some great offensive ability but has not been aggressive on the rebounds and in order to be a great center he needs to learn how to rebound and be a Defensive presense. Chandler is the opposite as he needs to get adjusted more-so to the offensive side of his game.

Jalen Rose should be consistant all season and we can expect Donyell Marshall to pick up alot of the slack for the young phenoms on the rebounds. This is not going to be an easy season for the team but it is a season that all great teams have had to go through at times. This is the year they build on their landscape of young talent and grow as a team. For the first time in 4 years we have something structured that we are going to be accustomed to seeing for the next several seasons. This year I think we might lose alot of games that we should have won and our record will not tell the whole story. I mean look at the Dallas Cowboys, they are 3-4 this season but if it wasnt for a couple mistakes in each game their record could just as easily be 6-1. Its going to take maybe a season to turn disapointing losses into wins and we may feel sick to our stomaches as fans sometimes but this is a process that we must go through. We have the talent to be a great team, now its time to put that talent together. First young basketball players need to grow as individuals before they can put it together and grow as a team. We may see a lot of great things individually this year but putting all the pieces in place will be a challenge. I have hope for this group of guys and maybe things will turn our way for the most part. I guess what im trying to say is, bring on the season already and let the games begin!!!
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