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name the scouting report

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i figured this would be good just to keep everyone in check of how hyped up all the scouting reports get, and just for fun. So without looking try to name the scouting reports.

NBA Comparison: Tracy McGrady

Strengths: (Based on hearsay) Possibly the most talented prospect in the entire 2002 NBA Draft if he declares. Has skills that are unteachable. Part of the new breed of NBA players, of the Tracy McGrady, multi-skilled, ultra athletic types. A do it all player. One NBA insider I spoke to said he will be a top 3 pick and may end up the best player in the entire draft class.Comparing him to McGrady, he probably isn't the run jump athlete but his handle and shot are better. More importantly, "He's a good kid. I've met him and talked with his family, and he may not have taken the usual course to the NBA, but he's a good kid." Very versatile, extremely skilled wing player, with great size and quickness. Can handle the basketball extremely well at 6-9, scores with a variety of moves to the basket, and has a nice shooting stroke. Explosive player with very good scoring ability.

Weaknesses: The Juco stigma. Kedrick Brown paved the way, jumping from a Juco player to being a lottery pick. However, he has had a slow start in Boston struggling for minutes. There will be no shortage of NBA scouts following ..... development this season.

Recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons says that some pro scouts are calling him another Tracy McGrady.

NBA Comparison: Jermaine O'Neal

Strengths: Has the necessary desire to be a very good pro. An excellent athlete with superior leaping ability who excels at crashing the boards. Has amazing lateral quickness for a bigman. Can post up or face the basket and has the strength and quickness to overpower or get around opponents. Can play some at the SF position, with his great agility, but his abilities are best utilized at the 4. Has a well rounded offensive game with great touch and a nifty baby-hook.

Weaknesses: Needs to get bigger and stronger, looks as if he can improve immensely here. Must mature, gain more consistency. Ball handling must improve. Not an incredible passer but above average.

Notes: Very strong and athletic. A superstar in the making. Plays with a lot of energy, crashes the boards well. Very aggressive offensively. Too big and strong to play the 3. Has the mobility but his game is better suited for the paint. Must develop his upperbody. Can play away from the basket but should focus on the post.

NBA Comparison: Danny Manning (pre-injury)

Strengths: Has great ball skills, can do things not many other 6-10 players can, handle, pass, shoot. Very good in the open floor. Uses his size well. Rebounds well. Very good feel for the game, high basketball IQ. Underrated athlete. Can really get to the basket and finish. Nonchalant court demeanor seems to work for him.

Weaknesses: Biggest knock against ........ is that he doesn't play with enough passion. Needs to get stronger. Not super fast, has the ability to run the floor but quickness isn't overwhelming. Needs to be more aggressive.

Notes: Super inside outside player. Has very good handles at 6-10. Can hit the outside J, also has the ability to faceup and take players off the dribble. A very cerebral bigman with great perimeter and post skills. Smooth all around game. Huge upside. Must put on some weight. Doesn't have blinding quickness.

hint: all three are from the 2002 draft
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first one is qyntel woods, second i'm guessing is drew gooden...not sure about 3rd one
The above answers for number one and two look good to me. My guess for number three is Charlie Villanueva.
Number one is qyntel woods number two i do not know maybe Stromile Swift?
1. Qyntel Woods
2. Drew Gooden
3. Jarred Jeffries

Jeffries had a nice run with IU in the tournament prior to the draft though, if I recall correctly. Shows you what a good performance can do towards your draft position.
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