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Now this is a thread that may be in many other areas, but i needed to make one here. My friend keeps on telling me (bear in mind, he is a knick fan) how much he feels Vince is not the player everyone makes him out to be. I respond by saying a player should be judged by his impact on the team (win/loss) and how he interacts with his teammates. He feels Vince is a top 30 talent at best. I feel he may be top 10 or 15. Here is my list of the 20. Please feel free to disagree. THis is how it will work, at least for me. I will name the top 4 players of their respected positions. Then i will take them and put them in the correct order for top 20. This list is not based on careers, just the season each player is having. Also, i did not do top 20 total players, i did it by position. People such as Kirilenko, Manu, JO, Amare (injury), Joe Johnson, MIchael Redd, Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Chris Bosh (would be the fifth best PF) Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis get honorable mention


1) Nash
2) Kidd
3) Billups
4) Parker


1) Kobe
2) Iverson
3) Wade
4) Vince


1) Lebron
2) Pierce
3) T-Mac
4) Marion


1) KG
2) Duncan
3) Nowitzki
4) Brand


1) Shaq
2) Yao
3) B.Wallace
4) D. Howard (I think he plays center)

So according to the above list, Vince would be somewhere between 15-18. I will now proceed to make the top 20 list.

1) Kobe (whatta year!)
2) Nash (gotta do it)
3) LeBron
4) Iverson
5) KG
6) Brand
7) Nowitzki
8) Wade
9) Pierce
10) Marion
11) VC
12) TMAC (sorrowful season for TMAC)
13) Shaq
14) TD
15) Billups
16) Kidd
17) Parker
18) Yao
19) B Wallace
20) D Howard
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