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Pick your all-star teams from the east and the west in 2006. Good luck picking teams for Bron and Carmelo, and other college and HS greats

east / west
PG Alen Iverson / Steve Franchise
SG T-Mac / Kobe
SF Richard Jefferson / 'Bron (Warriors)
PF Tyson Chandler / KG
C Eddy Curry / Yao Ming

G Raymond Felton (Cavs)/ Q Woods
G Ricky Davis / Vince (he'll head out west)
G/F J-Stack / Pao Gasol
F Dunleavy (Detroit) / Nene Hilario
F Pierce / Elton Brand
F/C Kwame / Miles
C Jermaine O'Neal / Curtis Borchardt
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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