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This is not a MOCK draft, it is my views on what I would do if I was in the position each of these NBA franchises were in. I just explaned why the player will or will not fit good with the team.
(Plus late round gems)

1) Houston-Yao Ming: Why? Well he is the best prospect for there team, and quite possibly is the most skilled above 7-5 center in NBA history. He is a project and will take time but there is no other player to get if your Houston. But I would think Houston would be better off with Wilcox in my opinion, but he is not 1 quality.

2) Chicago- Jay Williams: Just because he can shoot and can hit the big shot. And he fits well with the team because he is not a super PG ball handling wise but they have Crawford so that gets rid of that problem. I think it would be really cool if they picked
Dajuan though, it might be hard to find enough shots for everyone with Curr,y Chandler and him but I think that lineup would be harder to defend than with Jason at the 2.

3) Golden State- Nickoloz Tskitishvli: What the hell, I think they will take him, they have not had good luck with bigtime PF’s in the past and they do need a outside presence on the team and Nickoloz fills that spot. It is all about matchups and he provides the hardest one, they could get Dunleavy also but I think Nickoloz is a better player.

4) Memphis- Mike Dunleavy: Memphis has a hard pick right here, they already have a 4 but he might leave and they need a real SG but there is not a good enough one to pick at this spot. And having Mike and Battier on the same team is not that great, they are both un-athletic and can not get up and down like most would want a SG and SF to do, and there style really clashes with Jason Williams to. But West will pick the best player, but
don’t be surprised if they pick Bulter though.

5) Denver- Dajuan Wagner: They could get a 4 here to but I think leave Harvey as the starter at the 4 spot and get a guard. So the best guard is Wagner, and he will bring excitement and buzz to a team that really needs it. Dajuan will be a matchup problem for Denver and the opponent, they could take Brochardt if they don’t want to risk anything.

6) Cleveland- Caron Butler: I think Cleveland would love to have Butler at the 3 spot for there team, yes Wilcox is still there but I believe they have enough bigmen for now, and if they can keep Andre watchout for the Caves. But if he leaves Caron can easily step in and be the leader of the team.

7) New York- Chris Wilcox: If he dropped this far it would be a shock but the Knicks would love to have his services. He would give them a post presence and will run the floor and get easy buckets and maybe give some hope back to the Knick fans after last years collapse. They could pick Brochardt here, or they might want to move Houston or Spree and get a guard like Butler, Wagner, Woods, who ever is available.

8) Los Angeles- Brochardt: I have them pick Curtis because of the talk that “The Kandi Man” does want to play there, if he does great, but if not they need a center. This to is a hard pick for the Clipps, they need PG but there will be no great ones at the 8th pick. So don’t be surprised if they trade there 2 lottery picks for a higher one. But the Clippers have all the pieces there, they just needs to figure out how they want to use them, I say trade the picks for Baron or Andre.

9) Phoenix- Maybyner Hilario: I think the Suns would love to get Wilcox but I don’t think it will happen. So pick the next best PF and that is Hilario, Gooden will get a look but I think they will not pick him because it is not a garente that he can play the 4 in the
West. They might pick Woods though to, but I would not gamble anymore, take the safe

10) Miami- Drew Gooden: They will love it if Drew falls this fare, Grant is not performing and Gooden would be a good fit at a 4 in the East. Miami has no young talented players and this is there chance to get one, might also look at the bulked up
Jeffries or at guard for Woods.

11) Washington- Jared Jeffries: I don’t think Mike will pass up a player with this much skill but if Woods can impress him in a work out they will take him. But Jeffries is a versatile player than can play off the bench right away next year. Only problem is he
can’t start at the 4 spot in the future with Kwame there and might not be fast enough to play a 3, but we will see.

12) Los Angeles- Qyntel Woods: Right now I think these picks are just trade stock because what the Clipps want is not here, so pick the best player. But I think if Woods would have said he was going to Memphis and then changed his mind just for effect he would be picked higher. Because just a few months ago that was all some people were talking about is this great JUCO player, but now I think that light has moved over to Tskitshvli. Should have declared later to get his buzz around draft time instead of before, but maybe his workouts just were bad?

13) Milwaukee- Amare Stoudemire: The Bucks really need a PF and this high schooler is the best one. But for Milwaukee’s sake they need a 4 that can produce now, Amare is going to be a great player but by that time Cassell, Allen, Robinson, Thomas etc might have left. This team would be real good if Amare was at the peak of his career now but he is not. They could go with Hilario to if he dropped this fare, same with Jeffries which
would be a nice pick and role option with Allen or Cassell.

Other picks
14) Indiana- Kareem Rush: They need a shooter just like everyone says, Reggie is not getting any younger.
15) Houston- Rod Grizzard: Will allow Steve to be a SG in a way and will get a big defender at SG so Mobley does get killed on defense all the time at the 2. Me personally I hate the Mobley and Francis lineup, it might work if Griffin helps out on defense and blocks shots but I think Mobley is not a starting 2 guard. He takes shots away from Steve and is a horrible defender.

Late rounders that could be gems
(Frederick Jones- if he takes his stock falling as motivation and uses it in his game)
(Tayshaun Prince- He is really stiff and can not jump but as Horry has shown, bigmen that can shoot are nightmare matchup problems, at team with stars could use Prince as a deep shooter off of double teams, just needs to work on his strength and defensive rebounding)
(Darius Songaila- He is a great steal and what ever team takes him will be very happy, he can shoot, defend and run the court. Has a real nice offensive game and if very competitive, can play in the post and score down low. Most of the time players with that
ability are 1st rounders, and Darius would have been one if he was more athletic)
(Smush Parker- Big PG with a street legend to him, he is worth a shot)
(Vincent Yarbrough- Very, very good athlete to be able to find in the late rounds, will be good for a team that needs a athletic slasher like Eddie Robinson was for Charolotte 2 years ago.)
(Marcus Taylor- Would be a first round pick if he went back to college)
(Tito Maddox- Once again big PG that has a lot of raw skill, a team just needs to have the patience to do it)
(Chris Cristoffersen- He is a very big center and if he can defend NBA centers he will be in the NBA for a long time)
(Ryan Humphrey-Just because of his heart and athletic ability, and because he works)
(DeAngelo Collins- Come’on, this kid will be a 10-15 point a game scorer, this is not Leon Smith or anything, I think teams will not pick him as low as all the mocks have him
(Lenny Cooke- Scouts don’t think he is smart enough, ok, NBA teams=Please do not pick him so the TWolves can get him at the 52 pick!!!!!! Just like the got a steal last year
with Loren Woods)
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