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NBA Games On TV

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This should answer any questions you guys might have regarding the stations that will be broadcasting NBA games next season:

ABC - 15 regular season games, 5 1st- or 2nd-round games, NBA Finals.

ESPN - 75 regular season games on Wednesdays and Fridays, up to 36 playoff games (including Conference Finals), and a "Tuesday Night in America" feature on ESPN2 that cuts into games in progress. Note that ESPN games will NOT be blacked out, unlike TBS/TNT's past seasons.

TNT - 52 regular season games (48 of which will be part of Thursday night doubleheaders in an EXCLUSIVE time period), up to 45 playoff games (including 2nd round and Conference Finals in exclusive time periods).

AOL/Time Warner NBA Channel - 4 regular season games per week.
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Damn it.

We dont have ESPN in Canada.
We dont have TNT in Canada.
We dont have ESPN2 in Canada.
We dont have AOL/Time Warner in Canada.

But we DO have TBS in Canada!!!! :upset: :upset: :upset:
Originally posted by Herman Munster
Hey Canadian folks, buy a DirecTV, then buy a smart card fixer thingy for a few hundred bucks. Its legal in Canada, not in America though.
The problem is, if the people at the customs find out about the dish, i'll be in deep sh-t.
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