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nba survivor 9th round
nba survivor 8th round
nba survivor 7th round
Nba survivor 6th round*
NBA Survivor 5th ROUND*
*NBA Survivor 4th ROUND*
*NBA SURVIVOR* 3th Round
Kobe has been voted off
Malone has been voted off
Wally has been voted off
Mutombo has been voted off
Walker has been voted off
Shareef has been voted off
peja has been voted off
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I liked this game I saw at fanhome, But i AM going to give credit to gbomb credit for making it, here are the rules, just like gbomb's.
Ok, this is basically going to be done the same way we all played it last year. For those of you who haven't played. Here is how it works. We start off with 26 players, all of which were named all-stars last year.Each day, you cast your vote, by posting who you would like to take off the list. The object is to have the player you feel is the number one all-star, left last on the list, and not taken off. If i remember currectly, Tim Duncan won it last year over Vince Carter. Ok, everyone has 24 hours to cast their vote.Each day we will be voteing off another player.

Vince Carter
Allen Iverson
Michael Jordan
Jason Kidd
Tracy McGrady
Jermaine O’Neal
Paul Pierce
Baron Davis
Tim Duncan
Steve Francis
Kevin Garnett
Steve Nash
Dirk Nowitzki
Shaquille O’Neal
Gary Payton
Chris Webber

My vote goes to steve nash

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Kevin Garnett

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Steve Nash...

By the way RUBEN, you forgot to write that Ray Allen has been voted off:D .

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J. O'Neal=5
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