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NCAA Second Round games Sunday March 19th

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#5 Pitt vs #13 Bradley Noon
#9 Bucknell vs #1 Memphis 2:15
#11 George Mason vs #3 UNC 2:20
#8 Kentucky vs #1 UConn 2:20
#14 Northwestern St vs #6 West Virginia 2:40
#10 NC State vs #2 Texas 4:45
#7 Georgetown vs #2 Ohio State 4:50
#8 Arizona vs #1 Villanova 5:00
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Bradley's hanging tough, but they let Pitt back into the ball game.
Bradley had the oppurtunity to go in the half with a decent lead.They've played pretty well,but they let Pitt get back in the game
That was a big technical if they call it the third personal on Gray.He slammed the ball down,but I don't think the ref really has to call that.Krauser already has three fouls.

That has to be a makeup call on O'Bryant...
The Braves are starting to pull away. I knew Pitt couldn't shoot straight back to back games. That's just not their game.
Bradley is attacking and Pitt is just chillin' out there. That's the difference. It also helps that Aaron Gray is overrated and shouldn't be talked about as a top-ten prospect.
Braves up 12, 7:30 left.
Don't pull an Illini on me, BU.
It's only a 7 point game now and the refs have swallowed their whistles on a few fouls.
Bradley had two or three great shots...Could've gone up 14.Now they let Pitt back in the game
Pitt within 7 again...they don't deserve to win, not with their senior leader cheapshotting people. Krauser makes me sick sometimes, all he gets is praise for his "toughness" but you never hear a peep about his ballhogging or dirty play.
Carl Krauser has been playing like a thug all damn game. Cheapshotting people and the refs turn a blind eye to it. What a joke.
HKF said:
Carl Krauser has been playing like a thug all damn game. Cheapshotting people and the refs turn a blind eye to it. What a joke.

Not just the whole game, his whole career. He's a punk.

BU needs to run the clock some, up 7 now, under 3 minutes.
Almost there.
O'Bryant really skied for that board...4 fouls on Gray and Krauser...Sinks the first free throw...And the second up 9...Krauser with the floater up 7 under 2
This game has made me a believer in O'Bryant. He needs to put on weight(a pretty good amount), but he has all the tools you need to be a top 5 center.
Bradley burns their last timeout...Craptastic

Raftery is a big east homer if he thinks that wasn't a foul

O'Bryant sinks 2 up 7 with the turnover good job Krauser
Bucknell vs. Memphis should be a good game..I taking Bucknell in that one
O"Bryant is saving us. He still needs to put on weight. Aaron Gray looks like the same guy from a year ago. He's an Ostertag or Mark Blount on the next level at best. Which isn't worth much.
Big East heading for 5-4.I hope they stink it up today.
This is amazing. Never in a million years would I have expected 2 Missouri Valley teams to make the Sweet Sixteen. We have a legit shot at both teams making it to the Elite Eight as well, IMO. WOW.
How many points...28 says Verne Lundquist.O'Bryant has really cashed in it at the line...It's all over now baby
1 - 20 of 136 Posts
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