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Combining this week and next week into 1 topic. I'll update Saturday and Sunday schedule probably Saturday or late Friday. Friday men's action:
Morehead state 54 vs. LIU 82 (@ Brooklyn, NY).
Quasi-home game for LIU playing about 2 blocks down Flatbush Ave, the underdog for Kentucky Maryland which tips off around 8:30
Mount St. Mary's 56 @ Pittsburgh 84.
I don't think there's a repeat of Wagner for Pitt tomorrow
FDU 52 @ Xavier 82.
Xavier shouldn't have much difficulty
Hofstra 62 @ Monmouth 65.
Probably the only competitive game of the day and 1 of the few the first week. Wasn't planning on attending this, but I won free tickets to it on twitter, so I'll have a recap when I return.
SFU 58 @ penn state 72.
Due to the Big 10 having 3 teams in the top 5 of the preseason poll (Indiana, Ohio state & Michigan) and them playing NC State preseason #6 Penn State has an astonishing 6 games against the top 6 this year.
Rob Morris 74 @ Rider 66.
Start of 8 of 10 on the road for the Colonials to begin the year
SFC 66 @ Lafayette 72.
Probably the only other competitive game. I only recognize 2 people on SFC's roster this year (Ben Mockford & Akeem Johnson).
Bryant 45 @ Indiana 78.
I hope Bryant takes in the excitement of playing in Assembly Hall. Even though their gonna end up losing by 25+ and probably closer to 30, their not gonna play in another venue even 25% of what Assembly Hall will be like on opening night with the #1 ranked Hoosiers, so i hope they soak it in and enjoy the 40 minutes of fame they'll have.

Women's action:
LIU 57 @ Columbia 62.
Why are they playing this game at 12??
Central Connecticut 62 @ Rhode Island 69.
URI sucks. Marcus Reilly took over as one of the assistant coacches after leading division 3 Rhode Island College to their best season ever last year and before that lead CCRI to the NJCAA tournament a couple times. Every where he goes he's a winner and since I root for everyome coming out of the LEC, hopefully he succedes there. He should get off on the right foot.
Mount St. Mary's 32 @ Maryland 82.
Probably the biggest blowout for either side
FDU 56 @ Siena 62.
I wonder if FDU switched coaches in the off season, because nobody on their roster looks familiar.
Niagara 45 @ Robert Morris 62.
Probably my pick to win the conference
Howard 56 @ SFU 70.
Or maybe SFU. I'm out of the loop for NEC basketball
Sacred Heart 67 @ Georgetown 72.
Closer then most people would think. Georgetown graduated a lot of starters I think. Part of the preseason WNIT, winner gets Elena Della Dona and Delaware, IIRC.
Army 56 @ Wagner 50.
Just looked at the predictions, Quinnipiac was tabbed first.

Week: 0-0
Month: 0-0
Overall: 0-0

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Tough loss for Morehead St. against LIU in Brooklyn. Fair Dickinson plays no defense? Look forward to the recap of the Monmouth game SHU. Are you going to seperate prediction records for men and women?

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Tough loss for Morehead St. against LIU in Brooklyn. Fair Dickinson plays no defense? Look forward to the recap of the Monmouth game SHU. Are you going to seperate prediction records for men and women?
No. I'm doing them together....and that was a terrible loss for LIU. No way a team as good as they are should lose that game.

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Sat schedule only 3 games and they're all in 1 place all back-to-back:
Quinnipiac 64 @ Hartford 66.
So much for my competitve games yesterday. Hopefully at least 1 of these up in Hartford is close (preferably NOT SHU one, I'm going have enough close games with Western Connecticut this year I don't need to die any sooner).
Yale 56 vs. SHU 62 (@ Hartford).
Yale won by 2 last year @ SHU and the 2 leading scorers for that game have graduated.
Fairfield 58 vs. Central 54 (@ Hartford).
I like the schedule this year I have rooting interest in all 3 games. Going for Hartford in game 1 because you can't for Quinn at all, game 2 is obviously SHU, and since I'm enrolled in a CSU school (Western) gotta pull for the same school, but really wouldn't have been that difficult playing Fairfield anyways, much like Quinn can't root for them.

Women only 1 women's game on the schedule:
Dartmouth 54 @ Bryant 56.
If I can't find out where the Western basketball scrimmage is tomorrow, I'll be up in Hartford for those 3 games, but I'll probably be up there anyways

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Friday results. Doing preview's I'll always post men's first and doing the recap I'm gonna start with the women first;
LIU 53-42 over Columbia.
Still have no clue why this started at 12:00. Of course the Iona game started at 11:00AM which is even more surprising. Krystal Wells had 22 of LIU's 53 points; no one else (and they played 10) scored more then 6.
Siena 76-56 over FDU.
The same coaching staff is there, I wonder WTH happened to all the players that were there last season??
Central 57-49 over URI (overtime).
Marcus Reilly lost his first game as assistant coach against Central coming over from RIC of the Little East Conference. Does this mean Liz Stritch, the former Central assistant now coaching at Plymouth state, also of the LEC, loses her first game in overtime??
Maryland 88-47.
No surprise there
SFU 69-61 over Howard.
Speaking of the LEC, I've gotta go over the Am East board and see if any Maine poster's know of Rebecca Knight who transfered to our LEC rival Southern Maine.
Army 65-62 over Wagner.
That's 3 teams that had halftime leads of 4+ that lost today. Last year I think it took until Thanksgiving until I had seen 3 teams with halftime leads lose the game, and this year it happened in 1 day.
Georgetown clobbers SHU 90-63.
I don't think we'll be seeing Pittsburgh scheduling Youngstown state anytime soon in any major sports. After the Penguins opened the football season beating the Pitt Panthers by 2 touchdows, the women;s basketball team opened up against the same opponent....with the same result and same margin of victory.
Niagara 63-59.
This has gotta be the funniest poll I've ever seen. On the FDU website there's this fan poll and the poll asks, "Will you be attending the Northeast Conference Men's soccer championship at Quinnipiac?" And the 3 choices are: A) would not miss it B) Will there be a fan bus? or C) Do I have to wait in line to buy gas? C absolutely makes that question awesome.

Morehead state 77-74 over LIU. When I first ssaw the schedule I thought it was Murray state they were playing. Inexcusible to lose this one. The yahoo recap says the Barclays center is 10 blocks from the school, it's like 5 if even that. I walked it in February.
Pittsburgh 80-48.
Unfortunately, even in the joke of the schedule Pitt has (they don't have a scheduled game outside of Pittsburgh until January 5, however they are in the NIT so they may have to play in New York later this month) they did not schedule Youngstown, so we cannot see Youngstown pull off the trifecta of Pitt this year in the sport I would've liked to see Pitt lose the most in.
Rider 79-54
Going back to that "do I have to wait in line to buy gas?" question, I know the NYC area has a fuel shortage with the back to back storms, but what an asisne rule they instated. In New Jersey, New York City & Nassau & Suffolk Counties on Long Island, until further notice your license plate dicates when you can buy gas. If your numerical number ends in an odd number (or is generic with all letters which is odd somehow) you can only get gas on odd numbered days; if your number ends in an even number you can only buy it even number days. So, if you live in Nassau County and your license plate is 223 ttt, you need to drive 60 miles to work at the Palisades Center mall tomorrow and you only have a quarter tank...your screwed because tomorrow is an even numbered day (10).
Xavier 117-75.
A better rule to save the fuel shortage is to instutute a max of $20 you can spend at the pump. $20 can get you about 5 gallons which is more then enough, so it solves 2 things: 1) can save some gasoline and 2) gets the line moving since people are only filling up half the tank instead of the full tank.
Penn state 65-58.
Now with this asine rule people are gonna flock back to Connecticut to fill up so even though we don't have a shortage problem YET, all the people coming might cause one at least in the southwestern part of the state.
Indiana 97-54.
In case anyone is wondering, the 3 largest margins of defeat this evening: Indiana vs. Bryant was first (43), followed by Xavier vs. FDU (42) and Maryland vs. MSM (41). 1 3 pointer made by Maryland that was missed or 1 missed 3 from MSM that was made would've changed this outcome completely.
SFC 76-65 over Lafayette.
If anyone wants to hear anything about the LEC or division 2 or 3 basketball aside from the 1 or 2 times I put it on here follow me on twitter: or you can visit my blog which I don't post to often:
Just be warned I tweet about basketball................a lot
Hofstra got steamrolled 91-62.
I kept the scoresheet in my car, but I believe this was a 64-52 game with about 10:00 minutes left. Monmouth really turned it on the last 10 minutes of the game. Hofstra had a couple runs to make the score look respectible, but Monmouth was clearly the better team out there in all facets of the game: offense, defense, you name it, the Hawks executed it better. Andrew Nicholas lead the Hawks with 28 points, and he looks to be the leading candidate for "most three pointers hit this year. When he was able to get set, he was on point, and most of them were all net too, it wasn't like it bounced on the rim a couple times, or rolled around, as soon as they left is hand you could tell they were good. Hawks played tenacious defense. Turned Hofstra over 24 times, and of those 24 turnovers 17 were via the steal. When they get a turnover they'll run. They have a couple good players, but their not overly talented like Wagner, RMU, LIU is, but their tenacious, run and play fearless because King Rice is very lenient with them it looks like. He'll rarely take a player out after a mistake and with Rice, he basically gives the team the green light to shoot once they cross halfcourt. They'll be a dangerous team, imo, luckily I believe SHU only gets them once this season.

Women: 5-3
Men: 5-3
Total Day: 10-6
Week: 10-6
Month: 10-6
Overall: 10-6

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Sat recap:
Dartmouth 64-53 over Bryant.
How bad is St. Peter's gonna be to lose by 36 points to Brown who isn't very good either??
Quinnipiac 65-61.
That's how good the 3 games at the CT 6 classic were today. This game, a 4 point margin which wasn;t decided until there were less then 10 seconds remaining ended up being the worst of the day because the other 2 went to overtime. This game would've probably been the best game out of any of the other 3 CT 6 classics.
Yale 82 SHU 85 (Overtime).
Dave Bike's 1000th career game coaching was an absolute classic. Down 16 at halftime, down 24 with 13:58 to play and still down 17 at the under 8 media timeout (7:55) and somehow, someway, found a way to fight through and win the game and recorded their largest 2nd half comeback in D-2 history. Even in overtime Yale got a lead as big as 5 twice. Austin Morgan scored 13 of Yale's final 15 points in regulation, and Yale made only 2 field goals the final 14:50 of the game which probably helped SHU comeback, but to comeback from 17 down with under 8 to play is very impressive. Probably the best win I've ever seen then play, I know Moose is smiling up there.
Fairfield 64 Central 63 (overtime).
Central's young, but their fast, cocky & arrogant. To me, it looked like they had a shoot first mentality, there were a few times where there were 2 or 3 Stags in the lane, Central with 2 shooters on the wing unguarded, but whoever brought the ball up would drive into the lane with the trees for Fairfield guard. Howie has to teach the guards to open up their perephialls more. Central had a chance to win it at both the end of regulation and the end of the overtime. At the end of regulation, Kyle Vinales missed a layup, then late in the game inbounding underneath their basket, they had a bad pass, which lead the a missed jumper, and Fairfield going on the break the other way and got fouled with 2.3 seconds left. Keith Mathews made the first to give them the 1 point lead (and the final margin), they missed the second, but got the offensive rebounded and passed it out the perimeter to kill the remaining 2 seconds.

Women: 0-1
Men: 2-1
Total Day: 2-2
Week: 12-8
Month: 12-8
Overall: 12-8

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Sunday, women's games only:

Quinnipiac 61 @ James Madison 67.
Quinn's first game, JMU played Friday. That and the homecourt give JMU the slight edge
Monmouth 59 @ UMBC 62.
UMBC already played, Monmouth hasn't and they go on the road. See Quinn/JMU
Robert Morris 65 @ Colgate 62.
Can someone tell me why UConn is playing @ Hartford this year?
FDU 35 @ Syracuse 67.
Syracuse isn't good, but this shouldn't be close.

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Sunday results:
Quinnipiac 65-60.
First NFL coach fired this year?? Norv Turner of the Chargers or Andy Reid of the Eagles.
UMBC 71-68.
The Retreivers got the best of the Hawks in the battle of current NEC team vs. former NEC team
Robert Morris gets drilled 71-55.
That's two games and 2 bad losses for RMU
Syracuse 94-45.
Cuse played 14 ladies, and played 13 that saw at least 5 minutes, nobody played more then 29
Women: 2-2
men: 0-0
day: 2-2
Week: 14-10
Month: 14-10
Overall: 14-10

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Monday's schedule:
LIU 78 @ Lafayette 72.
The Leopards opened their season with a loss at home to SFC, let's see if they can continue in their second game with a home loss to Brooklyn's other D-1 school
Bryant 52 @ Providence 60
Will be closer then most people think. Providence is incredibly short handed in the early going and have really struggled so far (6 scholorship players currently). In their exhibition game they were down at halftime to D-3 RIC before pulling away in the second half and in their first game beat NJIT by 1. If Bryant was any good I'd say they win straight up, but their not, so they'll settle for a close loss. This is availble on SNY.
Monmouth 47 @ Notre Dame 80.
That Lafayette vs. LIU game is part of the Barclay's center classic. Why are they playing a Barclay's center classic game in Easton, PA??
American 76 @ Quinnipiac 78.
Last year in their meeting their were 57 combined fouls and 80 combined free throws. American was awarded 48 of the 80 free throws and made 2 more free throws (34) then Quinnipiac attempted (32).
Sacred Heart 57 @ Rutgers 72.
Rutgers is going to be angry losing to St. Peter's Friday night.
Central Connecticut 72 @ St. Peter's 68.
You'd think after beating Rutgers on the road they'd be able to beat Central at home quite easily, but basketball is a strange game.
Robert Morris 65 @ Lehigh 78.
I hope RMU is ready for CJ McCollum who is an absolute beast and will be making a lot of money next year at the next the NBA.
SFC 56 @ Illinois 80.
Lehigh/RMU is part of the preseason NIT at Pittsburgh. Why their playing that game second and not first I have no idea. Winner of that gets the winner of Fordham/Pitt (likely Pitt, but rooting for Fordham).
SFC 50 @ Army 66.
SFC's first game in the John Thurston era.

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Monday results:
SFC 59 Army 47.
Its only 1 game, but maybe their not as bad as people think. They don't play any money games this year, so its possible they could go into the NEC portion of the schedule with only 3 or 4 losses.

Providence 81-49
Kadeem Betts & Bryce Cottom combined to outscore the Bulldogs (51 combined for the 2; 49 combined for Bryant).
Lafayette over LIU in overtime 98-94.
The slim chance LIU had at getting an at-large bid is officially out the window now after two back-to-back close but bad losses.
St. Peter's 64-61.
Central had a 32-24 lead at halftime and got outscored by 11 the final 20 minutes.
American 61-55.
The second straight meeting the Eagles had a big disparity in the free throws department. After making 34 of 48 free throws last season, American connected on 13 of 16 while Quinn went a measley 3-9 which probably contributed in the loss.
Rutgers 88-62.
Second straight game SHU has fallen down by 20+, couldn't get so lucky this time.
ND 84-57.
After connectijg on 4 of 8 3's and going for 28 against Hofstra, Andrew Nicholas had only one 3 and 9 points tonight
SFC 64 Illinois 89
Well, at least SFC got 1 win in basketball
Lehih 89-60.
The Mountain Hawks had 5 in double figures lead by CJ McCollum with a game high 19.

women: 0-1
men: 5-3
day: 5-4
week: 19-14
month: 19-14
overall: 19-14

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Tuesday schedule:
Fordham 65 vs. RMU 60 (@ Pittsburgh).
RMU has lost 2 games by a combined 44 points this year against Lehigh & Rider. Not exactly murderer's row.
Hartford 65 @ MSM 68.
MSM isn't very good, but they should pick up the W in Emmittsburgh
SFU 67 @ Niagara 60.
Niagara won by 2 last year, and SFU played Penn State close throughout Friday.

UMass 65 @ Central 68.
Another bad A-10 team, this time at home. if CC can beat URI on the road, they should take down UMass at home.
Bryant 52 @ URI 64.
Their last game at home against an NEC team didn't go so well; this one should turn out better.
LIU 56 @ Albany 62.
if LIU wins this they would have double the win total the men's team has, who would've predicted that to start the season??
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