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I was just happy to get a lead and keep it! Nice team win.

After the game, EBW took responsibility for all the recent turnovers - even though many (most) are probably not his fault, he said as PG it all starts with him and he has to do better and the team will follow. I appreciated that bit of senior leadership.

Colgate is, obviously, a much stiffer test. We played them close last time while conceding that they certainly didn't play their best ball that night. We'll have to play our best to knock them off at home tonight.

Side note, I appreciate that CBS Sports Network affords the team the chance to be on TV once in a while, but hate that if it's not on your TV package it's impossible to watch. I've been spoiled by ESPN+/PLN. Guess I'll be listening to the radio call
1 - 1 of 4 Posts