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Nets beat writer calls Chicago "A worthy opponent"

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It may have occurred to you while watching Ben Gordon turn them inside-out last night that Chicago is the best hope for an interesting first round series, and by that we’re talking six games or more. The Bulls have some of the stuff that make them a formidable matchup: lots of speedy guards, a fantastic pick-and-roll guy in Hinrich, a hybrid whose intensity cannot be matched (Nocioni sono buoni), and a guy who can challenge shots at the rim. . . .though Chandler often does seem to us like he needs to have his shorts set on fire.
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Yeah, and the Nets are extremely overrated by their little win streak there, not saying they aren't a good team, but Miami, Detroit, and Cleveland are all much better teams. That 6th spot is the covet of the East right now, its the best oppurtunity for a lower playoff team to get into the 2nd round, Nets are thin, and we matchup with them good, we could easily take that series in 4 or 5 games if we played determine every game, just like we did last night or tonight verse Atlanta. Miami and Detroit, not so easy, we'd probaly have to go 6 or 7 on them, since they aren't the type of team that would be able to be beaten 4 in a row, or 4 of 5, unless someone went on a Jordan like streak.
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lol we have beat the nets two out of three games this season i hope they think we are a worthy challenge if not they must be stupid
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