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Who'll win what?

Raptors vs Heat
Wolves vs Grizzles
Nets vs Bulls
Sonics vs Spurs
Suns vs Kings
Warriors vs Lakers

Notice of rule changes:

Upon playing and setting up the game for 2 months, realized that it's hard for everyone to play every day, and cause alot of people to drop out unfairly.

So anyway based on popular ruling from members who have been playing, or trying to, the Pick'em is now scored at the end of the month by percentages, but in order to qualify you must play in [strike]75%[/strike] 66.6%** of the games. It means missing a Pick'em or even 2 a week may not hurt. Of course those with a few more games would get hurt less by a bad day.

If you are to miss a game, that game will still take part in the total number of games played that day.**

[strike]In order for you to get credit for any game of that day, you have to play all games that day, so you can't only play Piston, Spurs and other games where there are clear favorites.[/strike]

**Altered on Feb. 1st, 2006

(Weekend Games wil be posted either thursday night or some time friday, if I forget, please PM me, thanks. They will be redirected to the Nets' OT Forum and moves back the night before those series of games.)

Anyway... Pick'em!

Reminder to ghoti:
Quote Button... NOT EDIT!

Sorry for getting these pick'ems up late guys...

Sorry again.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's pick'ems will be updated Monday morning.

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