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First, for anyone that thinks that RJ is the best SF in the game: meet Ron Artest! The KNICKS passed on Ron Artest in favor of Frederic Weis (famous for absorbing VC's Olympic facial) because the Knick Director of Personnel was told to make a "big" mistake if he was going to make one. JVG wanted Artest. I wanted Artest ... but nooooh ... the Knicks took Weis. The tabloids attacked local boy from St. John's Artest as requiring too many free passes to games for his friends. Well, the Pacers have Artest in Indy and the rest is history. Artest's overall game and toughness is unparallelled at the 3. The NETS were overmatched tonight in some ways and are in need of an athletic 'big' that defends. Artest outmatched RJ. AJ ripped his former team. Planinic should've seen more time at the 2 with the starting unit to try and bring them back.

Padgett played well. He's a good Veal replacement. Maybe the Clippers'd take Cliffy (salary matches) and a conditional late first rounder (WHICHEVER IS LOWER BTW NJNs and LACs) and a 2nd rounder for Wilcox? Throw in LJIII if it'd make 'em happy. Charlotte's Melvin Ely is also interesting. But I'm not sure I'd part with a first rounder for him. It's Thornski's call. As to Maciej Lampe. His foot is aching. Maybe the NOH will part with him on the cheap? I'm not sure Byron Scott likes tall white men who can't jump? (Just kidding, Byron!)

The rotation should then be:

Jefferson/Wright or Murray
Collins/Wilcox or Ely/Padgett
IA: Murray, LJIII

The most playing time off the bench should go to Planinic w/ McGinnis right behind. Planinic should be first off the bench (spelling Carter who rotates to the 3 when RJ sits) because his shooting skill at combo SG/PG swing-man make him a real threat to keep scoring pressure against any defense. His ability to push the ball, pass it and shoot really keeps the pressure on. McGinnis is also solid in relief of Kidd, but he's not as offensively gifted as Planinic. "Z" seems to be coming into his own.

A Collins / Wilcox or Ely / Padgett / Jackson rotation at the 4 should afford LF a lot of versatility in matching up with any opponent. Krstic / Jackson at the 5 rounds it out.

Cliffy is a great role model, but should retire to the inactive list or volunteer his salary in a trade. Ditto for Murray in place of Wright - unless Wright is not yet ready for NBA minutes. LJIII is a good inactive reserve that'll surprise - but is willing to sit.

Padgett looked good tonight. He played a vital role on the Kentucky team that won with Magliore, Walker & Co. :cheers:
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