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Nets Trade: Keith Van Horn/ Kerry Kittles/ Richard Jefferson or Kenyon Martin to Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Trades: Kevin Garnett

Nets Reasons: Nets are practically dying to rid themselves of Van Horn or Kittles or both. Unfortunately to get anything for them they have to package one of their up and comers in Richard Jefferson Kenyon Martin. Garnett may hurt the salary but lets not forget that this team is partially owned by Steinbrenner, and he wants to win, at any cost. This Trade goes down Nets make it to finals and have a legitamate shot of dethroning Shaq

Minnesota Reason: Kittles and Van Horn are good players, maybe overpaid but good. They can thrive in the right offense they will be much more improved in a not fast break offense(at least Van Horn will) but Kittles is still a good shooter. Along with these two they get either Richard Jefferson or Kenyon Martin aka a cheap premium player. RJ will be a star very soon, whenever he gets the minutes, and KM is on the verge of breaking out as we saw in game four of the finals. Also KG is making negative press in Minnesota, the wolves might even be able to get a 1st rounder with this deal to help rebuild.
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