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Who out of the two have any chance at challenging the Lakers?

My personal opinion is neither.

The lakers don't have anyone to gaurd toine, and Fox may be able to shut down Peja, but Pierce is in a different league. But if you look at it from the Lakers side, the whole Celtic team couldn't gaurd Shaq even if he is injured. Kobe?? I guess Williams will try and slow him down.

Depending on how Shaq's injuries are doing I think Boston may have alittle chance.

As far as NJ, If Kidd can dictate the tempo and Make LA play a runing game they might alittle chance as well.

The East isn't looking to good for the Championship this year, but either is anybody in the West beside the Lakers.

Note: I'm already asuming LA will beat Sactown just because Webber and Vlade are to busy crying to the refs.
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