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sara_mermaid said:
Well, I'll give you the overall deal. The game, the other night with Lakers vs. Kings, when the Lakers won in the last second with the 3 pointer...that was the turning point for the series. I think Lakers will take it, regrettedly so.
Unfortunatley, I agree. That was such a heart-breaker. Kings were in control all game until the final 7 or 8 minutes of the 4th quarter. Bibby was destroying L.A but for some reason Bibby couldnt get it going down the stretch of the 4th quarter. Kings should be up 3-1. Instead they may be feeling doubts after that unbleievable lucky shot by Horry. The shot itself wasnt luck but the fact he was able to get that shot was luck. Hopefully the Kings can use the homecourt advantage and win both games at home though.
btw- Thanks for Joining Sara!:)
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