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I think the trade helps the nets in the short term. I don't know how much longer dikembie mutombo can be a productive nba center but I do think he was an upgrade to mchallough. I think it also helps philly because they needed another scorer and I think KVH can provide that. My early east predictions

1 Nets - Dikembie will really help this team if he can stay healthy
2 Pistons - Solid all around really helped pg position with billups
3 Celts - I think this team got worse but with pp and aw they should still put up a lot of regular season W's
4 NO - Baron Davis prolly does not get the run he deserves
5 Orl - If hill can stay healthy for a whole season and play as well he did younger in his career this team might finish higher
6 Philly - I think philly needed another scorer and got that in KVH
7 Heat - This team was a playoff team when they were healthy last year and the with the additon of butler this team should be better
8 Tor - This team is hard to read they are not a playoff team until VC gets hurt they win like there last 15 games. I think the raptors rely too much on Vince when he is on the floor. They should make the playoffs though

Teams that have a shot at the playoffs are Hotlanta, knicks, and bucks. A lot of this obiviously is based on if a team can stay healthy which is a big if but those are my predictions....

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No love for the Hawks? :eek: If healthy, like we're assuming, Atlanta is easily a more dangerous team than Toronto or New Orleans. (And Detroit, IMO, but we already had that arguement)

1. New Jersey
2. New Orleans
3. Boston
4. Atlanta
5. Orlando
6. Detroit
7. Philadelphia
8. Indiana/Toronto (tie...... again)
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