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"We're making our push," Vince Carter said. "We're hungry and want to go out there and get as many wins as possible to position ourselves. They're already in a good position as far as No. 1. We just want to see how we fare against the best team in the East and try to get as many wins as possible to hopefully lock in a position for ourselves.

"I feel we're a good team and definitely deserve to be in the playoffs. The thing is, they've done it all year. So for us, it's to do it for the rest of the season. Fifteen games left. Can we be as dominant as possible or as dominant as we can be, night in and night out, for these last 15 games moving into the playoffs?"

"I think for us to come out and compete and get a good road win against the best team in the league would mean a lot," Kidd said. "But at the same time, somewhere down the playoff road if we meet, you got to find a way to win a game on the road. That would maybe give us a little confidence in that sense."
"Everybody has the right to their own opinions. It's between Detroit and Miami. Everybody else is playing for maybe just the first round and that's it," said Kidd, accepting his team's label of underdogs.

"For us, there's no pressure. It's just to go out there and play our best game and see if we can get a win."
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