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Nets roster for next year.

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Who do you all think is going to be the Nets full-roster for next year.

I'm going to assume that there's no major move this offseason, leaving the roster as:

1) Kidd
2) Kittles
3) Van Horn
4) Martin
5) McCollough
6) Jefferson
8) Williams
9) Harris
10) Some backup pointguard they sign.
11) ?
12) ?

For the last two spots on the roster, in my opinion it'll be a battle between Slay, Scalabrine, Armstrong, and Lyde (I'm thinking they'll go with youth here, getting rid of the possibility of a guy like Causewell. Obviously, their normal rotation is sit, meaning the last 2 guys will probably only get garbage time, unless they really impress)

Armstrong obviously has the advantage, because he's got a guaranteed contract for next year, being a first round pick... but I think Slay has the potential to be the best out of the four of them.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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