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As the title says I'm a new NBA fan. I watched some basketball growing up (Jordan) but I've been fanatical about soccer my entire life and only really got into the NBA through the Raptors bandwagon last year. Watching Game 6 in Tofino, BC with my buddy from Toronto was an exhilarating experience! And I'm hooked!

I definitely found that the NBA works so differently to soccer (especially European soccer) and I'm trying "catch up" on fandom by decades. So any suggestions on what you all do to engage with basketball would be so helpful.

- What accounts do you follow on Twitter/Instagram etc.? I love House of Highlights, SB Nation etc.

- Do you play NBA games? I haven't really since the PS1 days and I don't have a console anymore. What mobile games do you prefer? I'm on Android but any suggestions welcome. Do you play other games? I'm not much of a mobile gamer so open to trying games.

- Where do you get your basketball news/stories besides the usual ESPN, NBA etc.

- Who do you support? Any other Raps fans out there? (Sad face for Kawhi leaving).

Thanks guys! Just trying to get into the new season better informed and ready for the fun!
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