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New Winning Streak???

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Don't give up on the Nets!!!!

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

these words better be true for the Nets at this long the Nets take one game at a time and VC making smarter shots then it is possible of achieving another winning streak...nothing is never imposible.... soo what if we lost to the King and the Cavs.... you never know because his butt might be on the couch watching our games in the ECF vs. the Pistons.... we still have a chance....

Look seriously this is the best team in the Nets franchise.... even better than the 01-02 team right now... Knowing Jason Kidd he is not going to let this team fall in their feets and well lose confidence in themselves... he wants a championship title and you know his example as the leader of this team willl hopefully bring us back to the top of the east....its a REGULAR SEASON game guys.... it doesn't really count until the playoffs.... besides its better to have a reputation as the Underdog team rather than the high and almighty Pistons,Cavs, or Heat..... Its not the end of the world.... I didn't watch today's game still stop blaming Vince... look we learn from our mistakes and hopefully Vince willl... i just saw the highlights.... Look only the toughest team in our schedule are the Bulls ... if we get passed them then we will finish the season with a mini winning streak....

Overconfidence might kill Leborn's chance to make it past the 2nd round in the playoffs.... he's only a one man team.... besides its not the like the lucky starting 5 of the Pistons or Leborn could stay healthy for the rest of the season....
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I love the connotation to Confucius' quote. I would love the Nets to break the old club best record 52 wins but if it doesn't happen I'm fine w/ that as long as our players are in tip top condition for unleashing some playoff *** whooping.
I think a nice 16 game winning streak starting with game one of the playoffs would be perfect.
ghoti said:
I think a nice 16 game winning streak starting with game one of the playoffs would be perfect.
haha, ghoti, you are the ghost.
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