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Crawford, EROB, Fizer

Ward, Kurt Thomas

This trade works on the RealGM tradechecker.


- Ward, with his experience and defense, may fit the backup PG role alot better then Crawford.

- It helps our depth at Center. Kurt Thomas can defend both PF and Centers and is better overall player then Corie Blount, the current veteran backup PF/C. KT could be the main backup behind both Curry and Chandler, providing a nice 3-man rotation at PF/C.

- Chemistry improves in alot of different areas. Three guys who think they should be starting but likely won't because of Jay Williams, Marshall, and Chandler will be traded for capable, defensive oriented players who've been through the NBA wars but aren't over the hill. This trade likely makes the Bulls a better team, how much better, I'm not sure.

- Bulls will be able to field a full (decent) veteran lineup in Ward, Rose, Marshall, Blount, and KT.

- Last, but certainly not least, both players contracts'(excluding team options) expire in the summer of 2004. At that time, including picking up the 4th year options for Chandler and Curry, the Bulls would be approximately 9 million dollars under the salary cap. That is also the summer when the class of 99(Artest) will become unrestricted free agents.


- We're giving up more talent then we get back, so we 'lose' the deal.

- Crawford, Fizer, and EROB could all significantly improve their trade value this year if they play well, and it seems prudent to wait until the trade deadline or next summer unless a 'winning' deal comes along.

- We give up depth, albeit young depth.

- If Crawford, Fizer, and EROB accept whatever role they play on the team, stay healthy, keep improving and play good defense, they could contribute signifcantly more then Ward and KT this year.


PG - Williams, Ward, Overton/Brunson
SG - Rose, Hoiberg, Mason(INJ)
SF - Marshall, Hassell
PF - Chandler, Blount, Baxter
CT - Curry, Thomas, Bagaric

And in summer 2004, 9 million in cap room to go after a SG/SF.

Knicks get 3 young, talented players and with their 2003 draft pick and Frank Williams and Postell, the Knicks will have alot of young talent to grow alongside veteran studs Sprewell, Houston, and McDyess. The Knicks lose their best Center, but KT wasn't the long-term answer at Center anyway.
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