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From: Kerry Eggers - Tribune

Consider these numbers: Randolph ranked seventh in the NBA in scoring (22.8 points per game) going into Thursday night's game at Minnesota. He was tied for fourth in rebounding (11.6), third in offensive rebounding (3.8), fourth in double-doubles (19), seventh in average minutes (40.0) and tied for 16th in field-goal percentage (.491). In efficiency ratings -- a formula that includes a variety of stats -- he was third in the league behind Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan.

I'm not sure a player in Blazer history has been so high in so many categories at this stage of a season.

...The Feb. 19 trade deadline is less than six weeks away. A deal involving Wallace could reap some talent. It also might bring back a player or players with a long-term contract, or considerable baggage in terms of behavior. Blazer management continues to weigh its options, mindful that if Wallace plays out the season, then is allowed to walk through free agency, the franchise saves $34 million, including luxury-tax payouts.

"We still maintain unless we can make a good trade, we would be better served to do nothing," Nash says. "Under the right circumstances, in the event the talent warranted it, we would take back a long-term contract. Thus far, we have had no such offer."
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