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nick van exel

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Is Dallas going to move Van Exel? The rumors of Nick to the Knicks seem to have died down, but Dallas does have some holes to fill and he seems like the one valuable asset they're most likely to give up in return.

So here's a couple of ideas...

1) Van Exel and a second round draft choice to the Pacers for Ron Artest, Austin Croshere and Jamison Brewer.

Indiana doesn't seem sold on Tinsley yet, and needs to unload some players. Van Exel and Tinsley would give the Pacers some very different looks, and Nick (much as I get irritated by him) might help Reggie light a fire under some of the youngsters.

The key for Dallas is Artest, a beast on defense. They also pick up Brewer who could be a nice backup to Nash, and swallow Austin's contract because they can afford to.

2) Nick Van Exel and Adrian Griffin to Miami for Brian Grant

Everyone knows Miami needs a point guard.

Dallas could use a bona fide power forward who mainly rebounds, blocks shots and plays defense but can score 15-17 points when needed. Grant fits that description quite well, and is a better "missing piece" for Dallas than most of the suggestions I've heard made so far this summer.

Either way, Dallas gets another potent forward to play alongside Nowitzki, and gets to keep Finley.
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The Pacers trade is lopsided. Artest does alot of intangible things that team never gets from Al Harrington, Jeff Foster, Ron Mercer, or Reggie for that matter. Then throw in a guy in Croshere who may actually be the Mavs' best rebounder!!! It's horrible to say, but he has to get more than Finley.

The Heat trade, on the other hand, could definitely work. I like the deal from both sides. Griffin could contribute behind Butler and give him some much-needed rest for atleast his rookie year and the one after. Van Exel would be perfect. I don't know how Riles will appreciate his unfortunate lack of defensive intensity, but he will carry that team through those famous 8 minute scoring dry spells they have when Jones and Mourning are off.

Also, Dallas would love Grant, and he would them. He does a good job on Shaq and rebounds HARD.

Good Idea!
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I would like to see Austin and Artest go but not at the expense of Tinsley being but on the bench. If he keeps his starting job he will be a top 5 pg in 3-4 years IMO
Thanks for the feedback. Y'all make good points.

I too like the Dallas-Miami trade better. It leaves Miami with a huge hole at PF, but it should be easier to find a serviceable PF than a starting PG that can carry the team back to respectability.

Supposing this trade happens, is Miami in a position to go after Keon Clark, maybe even in a sign-and-trade with the Raptors?
I like the Pacers-trade better

Because it gives the Mavs a hard nosed defender at the 2 and 3.
On the other side the Pacers get a leader in return, to bring them deep in the post-season (they didn't pass on to the 2nd round since they made it to the finals '99, right?). He's a guy who takes the big shoots, and together with Miller they would be as good as anyother team in the crunchtime...I think it would be very exciting to see Van Exel with Pacers, right now as Miller steps more and more down, they need another strong scorer besides O'Neal. Tinsley should stay for one season on the bench, and then take over. That brings me to one problem: When does Van Exel's contract expire? In 2 years would be perfect, but I think it's 3, or even more?
I like the Heat trade too, but it's not gonna happen, because the hole on the heat roster at the 4 would be huge!! Riley wouldn't do it.
BTW: Nowitzki is gonna be a strong rebounder! last year he had like over 9 boards and he's getting better every year. What the Mavs need is a strong rebounder at the 3 (like Artest or Harpring)
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I think Riley would do it if he had assurances from Keon that he would sign after the deal. I think Keon is as good as Grant and will only get better when hes handed a starters role.
I think if the Heat wanted Clark, they'd already signed him. IMO the Heat are gonna stay with what they have...waiting for the next offseason to completly start over (I mean without Jones, Mourning and probably Grant)
IMO Clark is gonna sign with the Bulls.
I don't understand why Keon Clark would sign with the Bulls? They won't invest in him as a long-term possible starter, but teams like New York, Orlando and Miami might.
Re: I like the Pacers-trade better

Originally posted by JBH
On the other side the Pacers get a leader in return, to bring them deep in the post-season
The only place Van Exel has led (or can lead) a team is to self destruction. He will not lead them deep in the playoffs. He will lead them to the the lottery. He is a selfish cancerous malcontent who wears out his welcome quickly. If he is traded to another team he needs to go to a veteran team whose players won't put up with his crap and wont be affect. Sending him to a young team is crazy.

Originally posted by jericho
Supposing this trade happens, is Miami in a position to go after Keon Clark, maybe even in a sign-and-trade with the Raptors?
If they sign him, they can have him(maybe for the mid-level exception), but the Raps won't sign and trade. They failed to give him a qualifying offer because they can't afford to have anyone else on the roster. They don't want to take on another salary(unless, of course, it is Alonzo's).
I just meant that you need expierence to stay as long as possible in the playoffs. And that is something Van Exel has. OF which Pacer, besides R.Miller of course, can you say that?
But I agree with you that Van Exel hasn't lead a team deep un the playoffs so far, but again, he has what you need to do so (expierence and "crunshtime-shooting")
We got the best crunch time shooter in the league in Reggie. I dont think that Van Ex would like sharring that role. Even without any trades I say we are in the top 4 this year
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