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The final word on Jalen's tenure in Indy comes from agent David Falk: "Jalen recommended Isiah as his coach. This is the way Isiah reciprocated his loyalty," Falk snorts. "He could have had Jalen eating out of his hands, but instead he injected petty, personal issues that drove a wedge between them. Look at his track record -- like the CBA -- and that's the way he is."

Jalen and Larry and Zeke, oh my. Those are all the ingredients one needs for a high-comedy stew, minus the squirt flower and whoopee cushions.

Just this one time, Thomas should try something really different. He should unlock the chains on his office door, walk outside, catch a flight, meet the team out West and give Brown some advice...

The writer of this article looks like director Peter Jackson.
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