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People need to understand that their is no player in the league that will never be traded. Look, teams are probably receiving calls for Payton, Garnett, Duncan, as we speak currently.If a dream trade could be received from the Sonics, Spurs, Wolves, etc they will not hesitate to trade these specific players. Look it is all about the team winning, not just about one player. You would be stupid to just ignore and reject all trades without thinking about how your team could improve in the long run.To get better, teams need to take risks and just standing still and doing nothing will never get that team better. Consider this list of players that have been traded:
Charles Barkley
Clyde Drexler
Patrick Ewing
Hakeem Olajuwon
Stephon Marbury
Jason Kid x 2
Terrell Brandon
Michael Finley
Alonzo Mourning
Larry Johnson
Glen Rice x 3
Shareef Abdur - Rahim
Larry Nance
Tom Chambers
Dominique Wilkins
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Jamal Mashburn
Jalen Rose'
Grant Hill
Tracy McGrady
Jermaine O'Neal
Scottie Pippen x 2
Latrell Sprewell
Marcus Camby
Elton Brand
Penny Hardaway
Chris Webber x 2
Mitch Richmond x 2
Tim Hardaway x 2
Chris Mullin

As you can see when these players began dominating we never expected teams to pull the trigger on trading them. That is my whole point. I mean who expected Brand to get traded last year. He was the Bulls best player by far and he went for a high school kid, who was unproven, at that time. Sure Jordan, Bird, etc never got traded but apart from Shaq, their is not any players as good as Jordan and Bird were, in todays game. All I am saying is that their are no untradeable players in the NBA!!!

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I agree that other then Shaq their ISNT a player in the league thats untouchable.But you have to understand that the ONLY way to get a SUPER-STAR,is to trade a SUPER-STAR,u get what im saying?

No one in their right mind is going to trade a Duncan or a K.G. for role players.U trade a Duncan for a K.G.,which would put u right back at square one.Also I DONT think unproven lotto picks are worth proven SUPER-STARS,but thats just my opinion.

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That team would dominate.

pg. nash
sg. finley
sf. kobe
pf. horry
c. dirk

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I would bet on this line-up to beat that one:

C- Shaq
PF- LaFrentz
PG- Van-Exel

Why? Because Shaq would be scoring 60 points a night on Dirk, Lafrentz could score on Horry, Griffin could contain Kobe, Newman could contain Finley and Van-Exel could hold his own against Nash.

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Alright guys, there is a difference between untradeable and someone who is your franchise players and fits perfect. McGrady, Vince Carter and Tim Duncan fit into that category. T-Mac just won't go for anyone since Shaq is obviously the only guy who will never be traded, point blank you know?

Franchise players like VC, T-Mac, Duncan, C-Webb obviously will stay for their team for a long time but there will be some times like the current Garnett sittuation where changes must happen and that's when you find out there are alot of players who are untradeable. KG would technically be untradeable but if you look at the sittuation his team is in you understand, it all depends on how the team is doing offcourse!

If your team is hopeless and deffinately needs changes like they did with Elton Brand, then the stud might be traded but most of the times I feel it's the supporting cast's fault, duh.

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The franchise players on a team will probably never be traded by the GM. Teams usually build around their best player, and won't trade them. I don't see McGrady, Kobe, Duncan or any other big time player being traded unless it involves for Shaq, but why would the Lakers ever do that? Not happening.
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