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Stoudemire return up in air

There is no timetable for his return from the Sunday play that aggravated injuries to his previously sprained left ankle and a right toe that was operated on last summer. Stoudemire went above the rim to block Portland forward Ruben Patterson's finish to a fast break but landed hard before Patterson landed on him.

"This time, I just want to make sure I make the right decision," said Stoudemire, who puts himself at 75 percent. "I was ready to come back that game (Jan. 9 vs. Sacramento). I should have waited just one more week to strengthen the muscle a little more."

"He'll play when he's ready. It's totally up to Amare."

There are ups and downs, I think. I really wish Amare was playing, but we are so much better when he's playing that having him out is going to hurt our record.. which actually might be a good thing, as much as I hate to say it.
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