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WH said:
I dont know whether the typical college basketball player at a Division 1 school gets more than he deserves (or helps the school to recoup). None of us really do.

I am not seeking another long discussion on this. I would simply say that the plight of 10 or 12 basketball players at nearby College U is not a big concern of mine. I am more concerned about the high tuition and high costs of schools -- tuition and costs that show no sign of market discipline. I am concerned about lavish salaries for professors who do little teaching but lots of research, the benefits of which (book sales for example) accrue to the professor. There are a lot of things about higher education that bother me other than subpar students getting basketball scholarships. I am not looking forward to the day that I have to send my own kids off to college.

I agree WH. As the father of 4 month old I am petrified at what it's going to cost to send her to college. It seems Universities are more about business than education these days. They pay high salaries to get the best professors who in turn bring in grant money to the school through research. Heck, at most major schools TAs do all the teaching. I don't want to have to pay to send my daughter to school and have some TA do all the teaching. All in due time I guess.
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